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If you have ever made a photo collage before you know what a pain it is to create on your computer. I have made them before in Photoshop, but the measuring and resizing always leaves me walking away with a migraine.

While at PMA this year I was excited to see ScrapWalls showcasing their cool photo collages. Not only can you create collages with multiple images, you can have the overall design be a shape or image! Serisouly, so cool.

Check out these cool samples on the Scrapwalls website:

I even made one myself! My teenage daughter and I recently  went on a trip together to Washington DC. I had thought about creating a digital scrapbook, but love the idea of a wall collage better.

That way every time we argue I can just point at the wall, instead of searching for a book to remind her what a nice person I am. 🙂

Creating the collage was sooooo easy. I first chose the size of poster I wanted, then chose my collage shape.

I thought I would have to take the images one at at  time and insert them. Nope! The ScrapWalls website did it all for me.

It also gave the option of moving images around. I didn’t even need to do it because it looked so good!

After ordering my print it arrived just a few days later. Here’s how it turned out:

Wow! That is seriously so cool, and better than anything I could have pieced together in Photoshop. The quality of the printing and paper is top notch too.

The thing I love about ScrapWalls is that there over 50 cool shapes to choose from. You can upload your pictures, or import them from Facebook too. There’s a cool gallery where you can get ideas, and the prices are very reasonable. The poster above cost just under $25.

Besides photo prints, ScrapWalls also offers wrapped canvases, notecards, and cute fleece blankets too. I love the versatility the site offers, and the ease of use is fabulous.

Thanks ScrapWalls for sending me the print above, and showing me there are much better things to do in the world  than measuring my own collage with mathematical skills I vowed to never use again after college. To learn more about ScrapWalls go here.

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