LightPic Camera bag by Kata

This is the LightPic-60 DL camera bag by Kata.

(Insert shouts of joy and fanfare!)

Would you like to know I’m celebrating one of the newest camera bags by Kata?

Because it’s not a camera bag.

At least yesterday it wasn’t.

Yesterday I used it as a laptop bag.

Today I used it as a camera bag.

But tomorrow…

Well, tomorrow I am taking my kids out in the afternoon, so it’s going to be a diaper, snack, juice box, wallet, baby wipes, compact camera, and DSLR camera bag.

Yup, I think that will be everything I need.

Here’s why this brilliant bag can do so many wonderful things.

(Except store poopy diapers. That is not so wonderful.)

The LighPic-60 has a removable padded insert. It perfectly fits a DSLR, or a video camera, or even a compact camera. It’s made from Kata infamous Aeriform Foam too!

Pull it right out, and you have the perfect bag for work or play. Or both!

The inside has numerous pockets perfect for spare lenses. (Bottles fit great too!)

And the outside has both large pockets on the sides…

And small zip pockets on the front and back.

I’ve always said the perfect bag is the one with a million pockets.

(You can quote me on that if you like. Just don’t quote me on that poopy diaper stuff.)

Now, I actually haven even told you the best part about this bag yet.

I know, I know, I am excited too!

See that round silver buckle below? The LightPic-60 has this amazing adjustable strap. All you do is twist to loosen, adjust the length of the shoulder strap shorter, longer, or in somewhere in-between; and then twist back to tighten.

My goodness, that is brilliant.

You’re never going to believe the price on this camera bag either. The Light-Pic 60 DL retails for $144.99. Pretty darn good for the company I refer to as the Cadillac in camera bags. Or Swagger Wagon, if that’s your thing. 🙂

Thanks Kata for letting me try out the LightPic camera bag! To learn more about or purchase the LightPic 60-DL go here.

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