Nerf Tech Toys by Sakar

It’s a good thing they don’t let kids in at CES, because I am pretty sure they would think the Sakar booth was second best to the North Pole.

Talk about feeling like a kid in a candy store!

Sakar outdid themselves this year with cool tech toys for kids.

One of my favorite new products is the Nerf line.

We put two new Nerf products to the test: The Nerf 2.1 Digital Camera, and the Nerf MP3 Player.

The digital camera retails for $59.99, takes 2.1MP pictures, and has a 1.5 inch LCD. Though it’s a small screen, the camera is very kids friendly and easy to use.

I called two of my little neighbor friends to come and try these out, and they must have run the whole way because they were at my door two seconds later.

Gotta love boys!

As for the picture quality… meh. But 2.1 is comparable to a lot of smart phones, and this little guy didn’t seem to care. It’s a camera, and it’s Nerf. You really can’t top that combination with kids.

Here’s my other little friend sporting the MP3 player. Check out those dirty hands!

Little boys are seriously so adorable.

The Sakar Nerf Digital MP3 player has 2GB of storage. Perfect for your little guy or girls favorite songs.

The MP3 player comes with headphones, though we found they were a little too big for younger ears. I would say eight and up are a perfect fit for the headphones.

Overall, these guys were thrilled with the Sakar Nerf products use and functionality. These are definitely going to be popular gifts for both boys and girls.

To learn more about Sakar, you can visit their website here. To purchase the Nerf Digital Camera and MP3 Player at Toys R Us, go here and here.


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  • Nerf toys were a staple of my childhood, and when I got the “Ballzooka” for christmas and 94 my life was never the same 😉