Leap Frog Fridge Words Magnetic Word Builder Review / Giveaway

I am a complete sucker for educational toys that use technology.  I love to get them for my kids.  There was a time, I think that the only types of toys my daughter had were educational.  She is very very smart now, so it my have helped.  Who knows.

I’ve been having a hard time figuring out what to get for my 18 month old son for Christmas.  He hasn’t shown obsessive interest in any one particular genre yet.  (Maddie always gravitated towards animals since she was super small).  So I’ve been trying to figure it out, even taking him to Target and handing him toys to see if he showed interest in anything.

Then I went over to my friends house the other day, and she had one of the Leap Frog Fridge Words Magnetic Word Builder’s on her wall (she had a magnetic metal sheet mounted on the wall from IKEA, which I will also be investing in).  He was immediately mesmerized by it, and stood there playing with it for a good long while (that is until my friend’s kid decided it was his turn, and my Michael isn’t tough enough to fight back yet.)

Finally I had a great gift to give my son, that would help him learn letters and even help his sister to spell some words.  It will work for both of them, which is great.  I’ve been generally impressed with much of the educational toys that Leap Frog has put out, and I’m proud to sponsor this particular giveaway myself!

To enter to win the Leap Frog Fridge Words Magnetic Word Builder, simply leave a comment on this post.  As always one entry allowed per person.  Make sure to check out my month of giveaways (we are on day 3 so far!)

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  • Hi from Atlanta: How exciting! Leap Frog is a favorite in our home – and little Rookie would so enjoy his time in the kitchen while we’re preparing meals and snacks.
    Thanks for the gifts and goddies!

  • I love leapfrog they are great products to help my son spell, this would be a great gift for him.

  • I love the Leapfrog toys and DVD’s. When my 15 yr old son was small he had a bunch of Leapfrog toys. Now, all the old Leapfrog stuff has come out of storage for my 3 yr old niece, and it all still works! These are very good quality toys and educational!

  • Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Leapfrog products. We bought my 5 year old son the old set of this when he was a toddler, he loved it. The unit we got though, tended to be a battery eater, and sometimes we went a month or 3 without being able to get it new batteries. Still, we really liked it and the one letter learn your alphabet. Most of our Leapfrog products go a good long time (up to 6 months) with the same batteries – this one needed new batteries every 6 – 10 weeks, depending on level of play time. All Leapfrog products are pretty heavily played with in our house.

    One thing I was disappointed with … when the 4 letter unit came out a few years ago – the old letters will not work with any of the newer versions, they changed the size of the letters and the old ones are quite a bit bigger than the new ones. At the time, I was unable to invest in changing out everything for a single new toy.

    Still, I would love to try out their new design for my 14 month old girl. Joel is a very smart boy, and I wonder if it is because of having so many educational toys? He certainly thrives on electronics …. when he isn’t elbow deep in sand.

  • Ohhh…I love LeapFrog toys. My kids have the Letter Factory DVDS and LOVE them! Not to mention the fridge phonics to learn the alphabet. I’ve been wanting to get this one really bad, but been holding off for a deal. This would be a great deal 🙂

  • This is a great educational gift idea. My daughter loves magnets and letters. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • That is so neat. I am so amazed by technology period these days, but really blown away by the things they have for kids. This would be an amazing gift for CHRISTmas. Thank you for this chance.


  • Love it!! We have the animal farm and the letters and my little girl love those. This would be a great addition for her.

  • Oh this would definitely be good for baby, one of her first of many leap frog educational toys, she’s about to turn one so this would be awesome!!!! Thanks again for the awesome review/giveaway! Ps. I’m a HUGE sucker for educational items for kids as well 🙂

  • This would be a great addtion to the farm animal one we have! Thanks for the chance to win this for my son!

  • My daughter loves playing with magnets on the fridge. This looks like it would be fun for her.

  • My daughter has one for farm animals and absolutly loves it…now that she is starting to learn letters this would be a great addition to our fridge.

  • I love buying toys that are both fun & educational. Leapfrog is a great brand and I know my daughter would enjoy this toy.

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