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Leap Frog Fridge Words Magnetic Word Builder Review / Giveaway

I am a complete sucker for educational toys that use technology.  I love to get them for my kids.  There was a time, I think that the only types of toys my daughter had were educational.  She is very very smart now, so it my have helped.  Who knows.

I’ve been having a hard time figuring out what to get for my 18 month old son for Christmas.  He hasn’t shown obsessive interest in any one particular genre yet.  (Maddie always gravitated towards animals since she was super small).  So I’ve been trying to figure it out, even taking him to Target and handing him toys to see if he showed interest in anything.

Then I went over to my friends house the other day, and she had one of the Leap Frog Fridge Words Magnetic Word Builder’s on her wall (she had a magnetic metal sheet mounted on the wall from IKEA, which I will also be investing in).  He was immediately mesmerized by it, and stood there playing with it for a good long while (that is until my friend’s kid decided it was his turn, and my Michael isn’t tough enough to fight back yet.)

Finally I had a great gift to give my son, that would help him learn letters and even help his sister to spell some words.  It will work for both of them, which is great.  I’ve been generally impressed with much of the educational toys that Leap Frog has put out, and I’m proud to sponsor this particular giveaway myself!

To enter to win the Leap Frog Fridge Words Magnetic Word Builder, simply leave a comment on this post.  As always one entry allowed per person.  Make sure to check out my month of giveaways (we are on day 3 so far!)

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