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Have I mentioned before how much we love TV?  Yeah, I thought I had.  The 3 channels that can almost always be found on in our house are Nick Jr, PBS, and Disney.  PBS and Disney fall into older programing later in the day, so then it usually gets changed to Nick Jr to finish out the day.  My kids like most of the shows on Nick, and definitely love Dora and Diego.  My 18 month old calls Go Diego Go “Go Go”.  He sees something with Diego on it and starts getting excited and saying “Go Go!”.

When we got this package of DVD’s in the mail they were excited to watch it.  Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure also comes with some added fun as it’s got an Advent calendar inside the case.  We are having fun peeling off each day during December.  The first thing Maddie does every morning is grabs the Dora DVD and peels off the next day.  She can’t wait to find Swiper hopes that it’s going to be him under the number every morning!

The movie is really cute.  It’s about Swiper who swipes on Christmas and ends up on Santa’s naughty list!  So they go back in time and forward in time to teach swiper the true spirit of Christmas.  The focus on the end is that it’s better to give and share with your friends on Christmas then it is to get presents.  Swiper even gets a bunch of presents at the end but says he just wants to share them with his friends.

They also have these “travel capes” where there is a song when they travel through time about shaking your travel cape.  Maddie loves to shake her travel cape with them!

Maddie loves the movie and requests to watch it often.  I like the message about Christmas that it delivers.  Two thumbs up!

The next movie they sent us was Christmas with the Backyardigans.  There are actually 4 Backyardigans episodes on this DVD (which when my daughter was younger she used to call them Backinyards).  This first episode is The Action Elves Save Christmas.  Santa’s Magic Sack has gone missing and it’s Christmas Eve!  What ever will they do?  This is when Santa’s Action Elves are called into action!  Tasha, Uniqua and Pablo are the Elves and they have to get past the Abominable Brothers.  It’s a fun episode with some great songs.  I will say that Maddie enjoys the Dora movie just a little bit more though.  She still liked this one, but not as much.

The other 3 episodes on the DVD are Pablo and the Acorns, The Big Dipper Diner and the Amazing Splashinis.  It’s definitely a fun one that will entertain your kids, with really great music (one thing I really like about the Backyardigans is their incorporation of songs to describe what they are doing.  Maddie does this all the time now, and makes up songs for everything from putting on her shoes to feeding the dog).

The last DVD in the package is Spongebob Squarepants Legends of Bikini Bottom.  This hasn’t even aired on Nick yet!  It will premier in January of 2011.  The story is that SpongeBob and Patrick have been taken prisoner by a gang.  SpongeBob and and all his friends look for a way out of the Bikini Bottom Triangle (sort of a play on the Bermuda Triangle).  SpongeBob and Patrick try to find a drain that once destroyed the city, and a volcanic eruption brings and ancient warrior to Bikini Bottom.  It’s a fun adventure.  Not much on the educational side, but fun and entertaining.

To enter to win a prize package with ALL 3 DVD’s ($60 value!), simply leave a comment on this post.  Only one entry allowed per person.  Make sure to check out my month of giveaways with a new giveaway posted each weekday!

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