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My husband and I got married around 2001.  Around 2003ish we purchased our own condo, and now that we didn’t have to rely on whatever system of TV the apartment complex was using, we could do whatever we want.  He has been working for Best Buy for quite a while, and we decided to purchase a TiVo!  We absolutely fell in love.  I remember one day I was at work (and this was long before we had kids), I was talking to a girl who’s desk was near mine who just purchased a TiVo as well.  We were talking all about “how in the world did we live before these came into our lives!”  No longer was “appointment television” a thing.  You could watch it whenever you wanted!  Plus TiVo was a smart little guy!  If I was watching a preview for a show, there would be a little button I could push for TiVo to automatically record that show later.  It also would find the shows I was looking for, regardless or time change or channel change.  We loved our time with TiVo so much that even to this day when we talk about fast forwarding we call it “BA-Doop BA-Doop” because of the sound the TiVo makes when you push the fast forward button.   Now this was when we had to set up the TiVo by plugging it into a phone jack once a week!  We are talking old school.

Unfortunately, when we moved to Utah there was NOTHING available in our area cable-wise, so we had to go with DirecTV (which we do love… and look you can get TiVo with them now too!), and we gave up our beloved TiVo box.

Just as TiVo did back then, they are leading the way for on demand entertainment!  These days people are watching shows from their laptops on Hulu or Netflix, or even just from their smart Blu-Ray players or Smart TV’s.  TiVo is now taking a huge leap forward by providing integration with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and even music applications like Spotify!  What this means is that when you do a search, you will be searching ALL OF THE ABOVE.  Say I want to watch Psych (which, I ALWAYS want to watch more Psych), TiVo will not only search your listings from your cable provider, but it will search Netflix and Hulu for episodes for you to watch!

Another thing I learned about what TiVo has up it’s sleeve is that you can stream your shows to your iPad or iPhone (they assured me that Android was in the works, cause you KNOW I had to ask after all the eyerolling I did when they told me of all the “i” love.  So IF my family had an iPad (and someday soon I will be able to do this with my Android tablet).  I could sit next to my husband, while he watches a show, and I can watch my own show on my tablet with some headphones.  We still are spending quality time together, but we get to watch what we each like instead.

So, definitely head on over to the TiVo website and learn more about what they’ve got going on.  THEN… tweet me @Tech4Moms with the hashtag #ImwithTivo something that you think looks awesome coming from TiVo, and you’ll be entered to win a $100 AMEX gift card provided by TiVo!!!  So get tweeting!


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