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I recall the days…. wait, let me go put on my “Grandma Glasses” and get my cane… ok… I recall the days of yore when you would be gone all day with your family, come in the house and go straight for the answering machine to see if anyone had called.  “No Messages” the machine would say.  BUMMER!  I was hoping for a call from that cute boy I liked!  Those were simpler days back then.  We weren’t available 24/7, and guess what, we survived!  I know, it’s shocking.

Today our needs are immediate.  We barely delay personal satisfaction.  We buy things on credit, we respond to messages as soon as we get them, we complain when a web page doesn’t load within 10 seconds!  We are like Veruca Salt… I want it NOW!  You know what happens to people who “want it now!”  They get flushed down an egg shoot, that’s what.

So, how in the world do grown up people who would watch Willy Wonka and say… wow, she is such a brat, and still have the same attitude towards their phone?  I want it NOW!  I want it in the car, and in the restaurant, and in the grocery store, and on the street.  NOW NOW NOW!

So, I’m taking a pledge from AT&T… I’m saying that I will never text and drive, and I’m going to sign my name at  If everyone made no texting and driving a new year resolution this year, the roads would be so much safer!

So in honor of this initiative, AT&T has graciously allowed me to give away the package that I also received (shown above).  Stickers to put on your car to remind yourself and others on the road that It Can Wait, a case for the Galaxy S3… and the Galaxy S3 from AT&T!

Enter to win by submitting the Google form below.  One entry per person.  Please click over to the website and take the pledge.  I can’t make it a requirement as part of the giveaway, but I encourage you to do it!  Wouldn’t you feel so much better if you win because you took the pledge too?  Winner will be chosen Friday, Jan 25th.  Good Luck!!


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