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Staying Warm with NuTouch Gloves





As many of you know, Sarah and I are based out of Utah. What you may not know, is that it has been an insanely cold winter this year. And although I have worn through or lost many gloves this winter, I wanted to share a pair that I really have loved and managed to hold onto. These are the NuTouch Gloves by NewerTechnology. They retail for just $19.99, and have held up so well this winter.


Unlike a lot of tech gloves, the NuTouch come in several different sizes for a custom fit. I also love that the gloves extend a few inches past my wrist. I have several pairs of other gloves that always seem to end right at my wrist, leaving a few inches of exposed skin between my gloves and my coat. So annoying!

NuTouch gloves also have a special conductive fiber woven into all 10 fingertips, allowing you to tap, swipe, and scroll on all touch screen devices.



Nutouch gloves come in sizes from small to extra large, and are currently on sale for just $9 HERE. To learn more about NuTouch gloves and other Newer Technology products, go here.

Thanks  Newer Tech for sending me these gloves to try out!

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