Hunger Games Releases on DVD and Blu-Ray Friday!

Not sure if you noticed, but ever since I returned home from BlogHer this year I’ve been a little bit more active on my blog!  I came away from the conference inspired once again, and with a to do list a mile long of goals and projects I have decided to embark upon for my brand and for my website.  One of these things is that I’m branching out just a little bit in some of the stuff I’m posting.  Not only will you get great app recommendations, tips and tricks for your computers and gadgets, and things like that you have already come to know and love from Tech4Moms, but now we are also bringing the latest in tech news (we’ll filter out the stuff that won’t interest you), and entertainment news and happenings (basically anything that entertains me from games to movies to music).

So today I bring you the release of the Hunger Games on DVD and Blu-Ray!  Typically movies are released on DVD and Blu-Ray on Tuesdays.  For the Hunger Games though, they are releasing it technically on Saturday with midnight releases on Friday night.

Blockbuster stores are having release parties!  Find one near you at this link  The party starts at 9 PM and goes until Midnight!

I’m actually pretty excited about this movie coming to Blu-Ray!  I hadn’t read the books before I saw the movie, and went with a bunch of friends. I wasn’t expecting to like it that much since I tend to avoid all the trendy stuff (See: My hatred for Twilight).  After I enjoyed the movie I ended up purchasing the books on my kindle app on my tablet, and read the entire series on my round trip flight across the country for a conference.  After I got over the initial crazy making the grammar in the book has, I really did enjoy reading them.

So head down to your local Blockbuster on Friday night and pick up your copy!  I can’t wait to watch it again!




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  • Glad to see you back on the blog more, and yes, I had noticed! My husband took the kids to see The Hunger Games, so I haven’t seen it. I did read all the books, though. I wasn’t crazy about them at all. The first one was pretty good, the last two…not so much. My 10 year old LOVED the books, as I think they were more written on his level. However, I would still like to see the movie.

    • Yeah, the first few chapters kinda drove me nuts with the grammar, and I’m not a huge grammar stickler. Once I got into the story though I enjoyed reading the rest. I’m sure you’ll like the movie!