My Time at Geek Squad Summer Academy

Post written by my 13 year old nephew… and while he really is a total genius at science and math, this post is very “13 year old boy”

“I just got back from the junior academy geek squad at the Salt Lake City gateway. From 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, we alternated between 6 activities. We started out in a replica of a city, where they separated us into age groups. We all went in a different order, but we started in programing. We all sat down at our computer, and they showed us a program. They made it broken, so nothing would happen. They taught us how to fix our program, and how to make it our own. They gave us a flash drive, were we could save the game, and take it home. You have to listen carefully. I did it wrong, and it didn’t save, and I don’t have it anymore.

Next, we had a break time, were they had X boxes set up all around the room, where we could play. After that, we went into a room where we had backgrounds, cameras, and paper people. They taught us how to make stop motion animation, and some amazing pictures. Then we had a lunch sponsored by Chick-Fil-A, of a chicken sandwich, potato chips, and a brownie. After that, we went into a room where they taught us how to make digital music. We each made our own tune, and shared them with the class.

Next, we went back into the city. They had Q.R. codes set up all around the room. Each one was a clue to the next one, and a picture we had to take. Once we had all of the pictures, we passed them on for a competition. Finally, we went into a shop, were we learned all of the parts of a computer. We had a race to put them all together, against a blindfolded instructor. I finished in 5.16 min. we all got a certificate, and sent home. The instructors were really nice, and everyone had a great time.”


The Geek Squad event came at a perfect time for us, when Nate officially had nothing left to do this summer.  We were so excited for him to learn how to do things that his father and I would never be able to teach him on our own.  It opened up a whole new world of skills to him that he didn’t even know existed, and is helping to shape who he wants to be and what he wants to do with his life.  He’s thrilled to have these new skills and he’s excited about practicing them at home.

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