The Odd Life of Timothy Green

While I was at BlogHer I had the opportunity to go see a screening of The Odd Life of Timothy Green.  At the moment it was nearing time for me to head there, I was exhausted, and contemplated just sitting in my hotel room and relaxing instead.  Then I thought, you know it would be nice to just sit in a theater and watch a movie.  So I went.  I’m totally glad that I did.  ** Some Spoilers **

The movie starts out with a married couple applying to adopt a child.  They start to tell a story of Timothy.  I have several friends that have gone through infertility issues, and could imagine that this part of the story would strike a very big chord with them.  It was even emotional for me, I can’t even pretend to understand how emotional it would be for them to watch.  The married couple comes home from the doctors office destroyed.  They decide to write down all the characteristics they would love their child to have, and then they bury it in the garden.

In the middle of the night Timothy shows up at their house, and he has these leaves attached to his legs.  He displays all the characteristics of the child they wanted, and you are able to go on a journey with him and his parents as they try to figure out life as new parents.

There are hilarious moments when Timothy’s “honest to a fault” personality trait comes through, and very touching moments between Timothy and the girl that he starts to hang out with.

I really enjoyed the movie, but warn you that it’s super emotional!  Definitely go check it out with the girls this weekend!

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