Why a Cheap Phone Might Be Right For You

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JVC Headphones

So, in the interest of full disclosure I’ll tell you that for this post I was paid to go buy the Walmart Family Plan and a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit to go with it. I’m going to be straight with you. While I normally wouldn’t have bought this phone for myself, I can definitely say that this would be an ideal phone for many people.

Let me just say that tax season is coming to an end and it’s like Christmas all over again, what with the tax return on the way. This is the time of year we get to buy a new car, a new computer, new phones, a summer wardrobe or other essentials. Trying to decide what to do with yours? Try a phone. A cheap phone, instead of one what will use up most of your return.

Samsung Galaxy Exhibit Collage

Why a cheap phone, you ask? Good question, since I usually have difficulty settling for anything but the best when it comes to my techno doo-dads. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. You would have to understand the typical life span of a phone in our house.

Short. And violent.

I’ve even made a video dedicated to the story of the abuse and violence our cell phones have seen in this home.


Yes, we’ve endeavored to teach our kids how to handle electronic devices over the years, which is why I can only blame a few of our dead phones on them.  A couple of them got slobbered on, another was a bystander in a leaky baby bottle incident.

One met its end being weaponized against a bee.

Yes. A bee. I had my arms full of grocery sacks, okay—food for the kids—in the Walmart parking lot. I didn’t think about my phone in the front pocket before I did battle with the bee using my purse. The Screen broke.

And then there’s the phone that shattered on the asphalt at a water park where we took the kids.

See that? How I’m still trying to blame the kids for breaking the phones? Hard to admit that now-a-days I’m worse to my phones than the kids are.

The point is, I always end up buying a new phone before I’m due for an upgrade. Or, like lately, I just don’t want to sign a new contract. Do you have any idea how expensive smart phones are if you don’t sign a service contract when you buy them?

HTC One: $599.99

Galaxy S4: $639.99

iPhone 5: $649.99

What is the point if it’s only going to last for six months to a year? Or if you are buying it for someone who won’t be running demanding applications like graphic intensive games? Or you just don’t have the money for the biggest and best, but you still want a smart phone? And if you choose to do monthly payments for that really sweet phone, instead of paying upfront, you’ll continue paying off the thing for a year after its gone the way of the dump.

So in the search for the cheapest wireless plans and cell phones—without even having to sign a contractyou’ll find that Walmart Family Mobile covers both ends. They have so many cheap phones! I’m talking under $100. And with the leftover money, you can buy accessories that protect the phone and make the phone more versatile. Plus, most of the accessories will be there for the next phone.

What did I end up with?

Walmart Family Plan Accessories

Samsung Exhibit (4G Android smart phone, with many features but not all the bells and whistles): $98.99

Arm band for the phone (so I can listen to Spotify or Pandora as I exercise, without stuffing my phone into the sports bra): $24.99

Headphones (The wrap around the ear kind that stay in your ear while you exercise): $19.99

Headphones (The heavy duty kind that immerse you in music, and peace, and joy, while simultaneously blocking out your children whining–as you work from home. Note: Be responsible and try not to do this unless your spouse is there to take care of the kids. You really, really can’t hear anything else while the Kongos are on.): $49.99

Walmart Family Mobile sim card and start up: $25

At the end of the cell phone and accessory shopping spree I had spent less than $240 bucks. Including taxes.

If you want to check out what options Walmart Family Mobile has available, here’s a link. Or you can do a hashtag search #FamilyMobile #CollectiveBias

Now, what will you do with the rest of your tax refund?





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