The Top 5 WORST Things You Can Do To Your PC

Lets talk prevention a bit more.  If you take care of your PC and follow the “rules” you will never be plagued with viruses or malware!  Here are the top 5 WORST things you can do to your PC.

1. Never use a file sharing program like LimeWire! First, when you download them they come chock full of Malware and Spyware and are generally going to destroy your computer eventually. The other part of that is my feelings about pirating software, movies and music. People work hard to make these things, and just because you are stealing them ONLINE, does not make it any different then walking into a store and grabbing it off the shelf and walking out.  So don’t steal.

2. Don’t keep your computer in a hot location, or if you do, make sure you have fans near it.  Computers like to be cool.  Your hardware will run better and won’t break down as much if you keep it cool.

3. Looking at p0rn is probably the fastest way to get your computer completely messed up.  That’s how they make money, and they make a LOT of money by putting all sorts of ads and spyware on your computer.

4. Installing things you don’t understand.  When a pop up comes up saying “you have a virus on your computer” and you install their program to “fix” it, you’ve just opened up a back door to your computer.  When you see that something is installing on your computer and you don’t know what it is, stop it!  Best advice is only install something that you KNOW!

5. Messing with things you don’t understand.  We have a term in the IT world “knows enough to be dangerous”.  When someone knows how to get into the registry of the computer and gets into the important computer files, they can do some SERIOUS damage.  Sometimes irreparable damage!  If you don’t know exactly what it does, don’t mess with it!  If you are going to change or delete a file or registry key ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS make a backup before you do so.

So avoid these and you should always have a great computer!

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