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You know how a song can come on, or you can walk by and smell something, and INSTANTLY be transported in your head back to a different time in your life?  In my “former life” (ie before I met and married my husband), I was what my friends now call a “serial I-Love-You-er”.  Which meant I fell in love a lot.  When I fell for a guy it was usually pretty quick, and there are probably around 5 guys in my life I would say that I really did love throughout my high school and college years.

So there definitely are songs that remind me of each guy, and I even had a certain song that was “our song” with some of them, which is why there are quite a few “our songs”.  Since most of those songs have a special meaning, they definitely have the power to transport me back in time to those moments in my life. This is the playlist of my life…

Dead by They Might Be Giants – This song always reminds me of my brother.  There is a part that says “made my younger brother have to be my personal slave”, and he would always sing “my younger sister” cause I really would do anything for him.  When he had friends over I’d wake up early and make them all french toast, or I’d do his chores so he would take my friends and I to the mall.  Your typical older/younger sibling relationship.

Love of a Lifetime by Firehouse – I’d be surprised if the majority of people my age DIDN’T have this song as “our song”.  7th grade boyfriend.  Yeah.

November Rain by Guns and Roses – Yet another “our song”, I was super young when I dated this particular boyfriend, and this song was popular, and we started going out in November.  We weren’t very creative.

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Somebody by Depeche Mode  – “our song” with the guy who was my first really serious boyfriend and first love.  What can I say, it was early 90’s… it was one of his favorite songs, and really, it’s just a darn good love song!

Fantasmic from Disneyland – This song takes me back to the time I met a guy at Disneyland, and totally hit on him. This was probably the ultimate “love at first sight” thing that ever happened to me. I was 15. We ended up dating, even though we lived in different states. I did go visit him once, and he came out to visit me. Oh, what could have been if long distance calling didn’t cost so much money at the time. 😀

You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling by the Righteous Brothers – While not quite an “our song”, since I never really dated the guy this song reminds me of very seriously, but it does remind me of a super fun evening.  There was a dance at the school, and I don’t quite remember what it was for, but there was seriously nobody there.  Some guy friends of mine decided to be funny and all gathered around me on one knee when this song came on and serenaded me.  It was both hilarious and make me feel super embarrassed at the same time.

Whoop! (There It Is) by Tag Team – My best friend and I at the time would attend these dances on Saturday night for middle school/high schoolers in our church.  Whenever they would play this song we would skip all around the dance floor and when they would say “whoop there it is” we would shout really loud “WHERE??”.  Yes, looking back now I would probably look at some kid doing that and roll my eyes thinking how annoying they were.  Yes, I also have no regrets.

Santa Monica by Everclear – There is one guy who got me into liking the band Everclear.  It since became my favorite band.  This song is their first really popular song, and it definitely makes me think of this guy.  And while I say that my Dad is the person who got me into computers (which is mostly true), this particular guy is why I really started getting into computers in high school, which led to my current career eventually.  I never seriously dated this guy, but boy did I have a crush on him for a VERY long time.

Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen – another “our song”.  I really don’t even remember why, only the fact that it was pretty popular when we were dating.  Especially the “Jerry McGuire mix” of the song.  We did dance to the song at prom, so there’s that.  During this time the radio station I listened to at the time created a “Jerry Seinfeld Mix” of the Secret Garden.  It was fantastic.  I recorded it onto a tape which I sent that boyfriend, but have since never been able to find that version of the song.  I would be sooooo eternally grateful to anyone who could find me a copy of the Jerry Seinfeld mix of The Secret Garden.

mmmmBop by Hanson  – I am instantly back as a senior in high school playing around with my friends whenever this song comes on.  It was super fun and we would just dance around my friend’s house whenever it would come on the radio.

One, Two, Three by Len Barry – Always makes me think of driving in my car PACKED with my friends (think 7 kids in a 4 person Ford Escort).  We would drive down the road singing this at the top of our lungs.

On My Own from Les Miserables – When I hear this song, I’m instantly back working at Walt Disney World, on the shuttle from where all the college program students lived to our jobs wherever in the parks/hotels they were.  A friend of mine had made me a mix tape that I would listen to on my walkman (for you young kids… it was kinda like an mp3 player) on the shuttle.  At the part where she sings “in the rain the pavement shines like silver” I was looking out the window of the shuttle and it was raining and it really did look like silver.  There are a few other songs from that tape that also remind me of my time in Florida and of the guy who made me the mix tape (for the record we VERY briefly dated, but it was never very serious)

Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Greenday – Not so much a “me” memory, as it always reminds me of watching the series finale of Seinfeld with a bunch of friends.

The Wall by Pink Floyd (yes, the whole album) – My brother and our friends used to go to the Pink Floyd laser light show at OMSI just about every week.  This entire album transports me back to that planetarium.

I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing by Aerosmith – My roommate in college and I had a thing for skipping class and watching the movie Armageddon instead.  We LOVED that movie!  I can’t hear that song without thinking of those days skipping class, watching this, and ordering pizza.  It’s quite possible most of these days were snowy and cold (I went to college in Utah), and therefore didn’t feel like walking all the way to campus.

Put Your Arms Around Me by Texas – This is the song that plays at the end of the movie Ever After.  While it wasn’t officially “our song”, I saw the movie with what could probably be considered my boyfriend at the time, and it always reminds me of him and the fact that “we’ll always have Portland”.

You Make Me Feel Like a Whore by Everclear – Interestingly enough, this is actually another “our song” with a boyfriend.  Everclear is my favorite band, and we thought it would be super funny to make that song “our song” so we did.  One Hit Wonder by Everclear also reminds me of this boyfriend because he bought me a stuffed monkey for Valentine’s Day and we named it “loopy monster” from a lyric in the song.

Heaven by Warrant – Finally, early in our marriage my husband played bass guitar in a band that covered 80’s songs.  I’d attend their gigs at local bars and they would play this song.  I was a groupie, what can I say.  Plus I was pregnant with our daughter and there is a line that says “as long as I’m the hero of this little girl”, which I totally loved picturing my husband being the hero of our soon to be born daughter.

The fun thing about Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, is that I don’t need to have purchased all of these CD’s to be able to listen to my “Memory Lane” playlist!  With an Xbox Music subscription I can listen to them as often as I want, as long as the subscription is still active.  I set up the playlist on my Windows 8 computer, and it automatically syncs down to my HTC 8x Windows Phone.

So, what’s the playlist of YOUR life?


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