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I’ve mentioned before that we have 5 computers in this house… in a house of 4 people.  (yes 3 of those computers are mainly mine, yes I use them all).  I have taught my kids how to use a computer from extremely early on.  My son and my daughter were both fully able to use a laptop touchpad mouse from the time they were around 18 months old.  In teaching my very young children computer skills, by far, my favorite program was called Giggles, Computer Fun Time for Babies.  The graphics were perfect, bright and colorful.  There were several different games to choose from that taught the children everything from ABC’s to shapes, to nursery rhymes and more.

The creator of those programs, work at home dad Tim Leverett, has now launched a full online environment for babies and toddlers called Club Toddler.  While my kids have now graduated from these programs (although from time to time they do still play them because they are really cute and fun), I signed into the new site and was extremely impressed by what I saw.

The new site is a membership site.  The free membership will give you access to all of the games that my kids grew up with.  For only $4 a month you can have access to so much more!  The site will download a kid safe browser to your computer so your kids can play the games and browse parent approved websites without fear that they will either mess up your computer, or access something that they shouldn’t.  You can set a timer for your child’s play time as well, so that the program will automatically shut down (without going back to the desktop) when time is up.

If you have kids from 1-3 years old, I encourage you to sign up for a free account and check it out with your kids.  You can always upgrade later if you want access to the additional features.  These programs are great for teaching kids mouse and keyboard skills, as well as traditional learning.  Check it out today!

Disclosure: I was in no way paid or compensated or even given a membership to this site.  I got an email, as a person who previously purchased the Giggles computer program, about the new site.  I am so passionate about that program that I wanted to inform the rest of the world about this new site.

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