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The Great GIF – JIF Debate

As someone firmly in the “hard g” camp, this debate is near and dear to my heart. I saw someone on twitter once say that God himself could come down and say it’s pronounced “Jif” and he would just say… I’ll take that into consideration Jod.

The debate really stems from the fact that the person who created the graphics format says it’s pronounced “Jif” However, it’s an acronym for GRAPHICS Interchange Format. The G in graphics is a HARD G. Hence the shortened acronym should be GIF (with a hard G).

Well, today one of those amazing feats of marketing genius has arrived, and it’s pretty fantastic. Now that it’s here, I’m actually a little surprised it took so long to happen.

The peanut butter making company JIF created a marketing campaign complaining about the people who pronounce GIF JIF. The company partnered with GIPHY, an amazing online resource of TONS of GIF’s to bring this debate to light.

JIF is even selling a limited edition peanut butter jar with one side of the label defining GIF, and the other side of the label being standard saying JIF (Creamy Peanut Butter). Obviously I placed my order first thing in the morning as soon as I saw the website. I’m really glad that I did because they are completely sold out now!

Jif has even created some of their own GIFs to mark the occasion.


So, join in the debate with the hashtag #JIFvsGIF and make your opinion known! That is unless you are team soft G, then just keep your wrong opinions to yourself.

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