3 Things For Families From Samsung Unpacked 2020

Today Samsung held its Unpacked event. The event is usually held this time of year to announce the latest flagship phone. They have another event at the end of summer/beginning of fall to announce the latest Note products (which is usually the one I wait for).

Last year, Samsung released the S10 and S10+, but this year they are jumping ahead in their naming convention by announcing the new S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. The company stated it jumped the numbers for 2 reasons. First, they believe this phone is the next generation in devices, so instead of using something like 1.0, this is the S “2.0” or 20. They also said it was a perfect time to start going by release year instead of just straight numbering. So it being 2020, the new phone is the S20.

I know my readers though. Most just want to know what about these new phones will benefit their life instead of how much RAM and processing power it has. You can find countless articles on the speeds and feeds of the devices, so I’ll just break down the features that will appeal to most families.

Single Take

Now, I don’t know how you take photos with your phone camera, but if it’s anything like the way I take them, you just want to get to the photo as quickly as possible before the moment passes you by! This is really true for families who are taking pictures of kids or pets and more.

There are so many different modes on my phone’s camera, that it is hard to try and find one at that moment. With Samsung’s new feature called “Single Take”, you take the photo and it actually takes the picture in all of the different modes at once. Then later you can scroll through these pictures and decide which one you want to keep, or all of them!

This feature is honestly a game-changer. I can see it being a huge benefit to so many families!

100x Zoom

Another new feature that will be available on the S20 is the ability to really zoom in to an object, without losing quality. As a proud Aunt of a varsity football player, this is also a huge need for families. Whenever I would zoom in to take some video or photos of my nephew kicking a field goal, the quality would become really poor.

With this new lens and zoom capabilities, it won’t matter how far away from your kid you are when they are kicking that soccer ball or landing that flip in gymnastics. You’ll be able to capture the moment even from the bleachers.

Flip Phones are Back

Taking a cue from the Motorola Razr, Samsung realized that people don’t want a really thick book-like folding phone. They want it to get smaller, not bigger. Samsung went back to the drawing board and announced the latest Galaxy Z Flip.

When the device is open it looks just like a regular phone, but then it can fold up and become half size.

There are also notifications you can interact with on the outside of the device. As many parents are looking to get their children a flip phone to try and protect them from smartphone dangers, this definitely won’t be what they are looking for.

However, if you are looking for something a little smaller than you can just throw in your pocket or a purse, these little guys might just fit the bill.

All in all, there are some pretty cool features here, and I’m hoping that the next Note will get some of them too! As it stands though, you can pry my stylus from my cold dead hands. 😀

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