The Demy, E-Reader for the Foodies (and just us regular cooks)

One of the things that I loved so much that I searched high and low with my friend Grace of ShePosts to try and show it to her.  I knew the booth was near the back of one of the halls, I just couldn’t remember WHICH hall.  If you have ever been to CES, not knowing which hall will pretty much end your search right there.  Luckily after walking about 3 different halls we were finally able to find the location of this elusive booth.  We were glad to locate it, because this product was SUPER cool!

It’s called the Demy, and it’s by Key Ingredient.  According to their website the Demy is “the first digital recipe reader that holds your entire recipe collection in a sleek, compact, kitchen-safe device. With a high-resolution color touchscreen, an uncluttered interface and many special tools, the Demy makes any cook’s job easier.”

The recipes that will be on the e-reader are ones that you sync from your account on  Now, I will say that you know that my favorite recipe/meal planner website is Kitchen Monki, so if I do purchase this product, I will be sad to lose my Kitchen Monki.  Although, I could still use Kitchen Monki for my meal planning and then just add the same recipes to a Key Ingredient account.

The Demy has a great feature set too.  It is spill proof (meaning if you spill some food on it, it’s not going to ruin the product), and the version that will be coming out later this year has a flat top surface so that it’s easy to wipe down without having to get into the crevices.  It’s got a kitchen timer on it (very smart to include that!).  It has a conversion utility.  It also has an ingredient substitute list.  The version slated for later this year also includes a meat thermometer!

I really loved this product, and can’t wait to get my hands on one, and no, they did not pay me or compensate me in anyway for this post… they haven’t given me the product either.  I am planning on buying it soon though!

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