Swiss Army Goes Hi-Tech!

While at CES my husband and I were walking around the different booths when I saw out of the corner of my eye a gorgeous booth with the Swiss Army Knife logos everywhere…. I thought to myself… “What the heck is Swiss Army doing at CES?”  I had to go check it out!  Little did I know how much I would like their booth and their products.

So to answer my initial question, apparently Victorinox (the company that makes Swiss Army Knives) has ventured into some awesome technology.

First up is their USB drives!  They have these super slim USB drives that come in an assortment of colors.  The size on these drives is amazing too!  They have 32 GB and 64 GB drives.  Plus they have a Duo which has 2 drives (either 2 32’s or 2 64’s).  That’s a ton of space to carry around on your keychain!

The security on their drives is incredibly advanced as well.  Located on the drive when you plug it in is a secure.exe file.  When you run this file you can set up the USB drive for security.  When someone else goes to plug the drive into their computer they will not be able to access the files until they enter the correct password.  They believe in the security of this device so much that they offered a 250,000 cash prize to anyone able to crack the device in 2 hours, using any method.  You can check out the details  The prize money has gone unclaimed 3 times now!

The security software allows you to store various passwords so you always have them with you, and backup your outlook and other data automatically.  You know what a fan of backups I am!  This way your backup is always close AND secure!

For an added level of security some of their USB drives even have a fingerprint scanner so you can only access your data with your fingerprint!

Then we get to the grand daddy of USB drives… the Presentation Master.  When this device becomes available I’ll be doing a full review of it, but here’s the nutshell…

It’s got bluetooth so you can track forward a Powerpoint presentation.  It’s got a laser pointer.  It’s got the fingerprint scanner to secure your USB drive.  It’s got a knife.  It’s got scissors.  It’s got a nail file!  THIS is a Swiss Army USB drive!  Beat THAT Leatherman!

*Disclosure – Victorinox was kind enough to put their press kit on one of their Slim USB 32 GB Drives, and so I am now the proud owner of that device, but they did not pay me or compensate me in any way for this post.  I just thought it was super cool, and wanted to talk about it.

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