KeyJuice from iGo, Mobile Tech

So I adore iGo.  I think most of the “mom blogging” community does.  They have the Charge Anywhere, which if you go to any conference or brand event, you will see almost everyone pull out their Charge Anywhere in the afternoon.  Brand events and conferences are definitely rough on a cell phone battery!  Now, at CES, they have unveiled the KeyJuice.

What is great about the KeyJuice is that it wraps up into a nice neat little package that you can stick on your keychain.  Then it unwraps to reveal a USB to Micro & Mini USB.  When you unwrap it you can hook it up to a laptop or pc and charge or sync (or both) without lugging around long cables. 

The KeyJuice combined with the ChargeAnywhere is the double whammy.  I used to have my ChargeAnywhere wrapped with a cable, and now I can just grab the ChargeAnywhere, knowing that I have the cable attached at my keychain!

iGo’s products are known for excellence in mobility and their commitment to Green technology.  They did give me a KeyJuice to help with my review, but it’s one of the best products I saw while at CES!

Oh, and it’s got one with an Apple connection too… if you like that sort of thing.  😉

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