The Amazing Flameless Candle Review

Your never going to believe who was at CES.

The Amazing Flameless Candle, that’s who!

Don’t get me wrong, I lurve technology, but I am a DIY home decor girl at heart.

(I love it so much, I have a whole ‘nother blog dedicated to it.)

That’s why when they contacted me about trying out one of their LED candles,  I could not resist.

Look at how purdy it is!


The Amazing Flameless Candle company has pillar candles, tealights, and votives. I tried out the pillar candle called “Mandarin Spice”. It smells heavenly!

I have actually purchased several battery operated candles before at both Costco and Hobby Lobby. I paid about the same price, around $20 retail, but I must say, this LED candle is soooo much better. It flickers like a real flame, is much brighter than other candles I have purchased, (it has 4 LED lights instead of the typical 1), and the batteries so far have lasted much longer. In fact, this candle boats a whole 450 hours of battery life. Nice!

Another cool feature is the adjustable timer. I can set the candle to stay on for four hors, six hours, or even eight. Automatically it will then turn on and off for that specific amount of time, every twenty-four hours. Now every evening around dusk it turns on by itself, and by bedtime it turns off. How cool is that?

I also love that the Amazing Flameless Candle is made from real bees wax. It feels and looks like a real candle, but is much safer for families and children.


Thanks Amazing Flameless Candle for asking me to try one out! I can’t wait to pick up a few more before our next dinner party. To purchase The Amazing Flameless Candle go here. To learn more about The Amazing Flameless Candle go here.


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