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Several weeks before going to CES, I was bombarded by e-mails from companies showcasing products that would be unveiled at the show. One particular e-mail I received caught me off guard. It was from none other than the home improvement giant, Lowe’s.

Lowe’s at the Consumer Electronic Show? What the what?

As a DIY junkie myself, I just had to check this out.

Lowe’s was at the show promoting something new called MyLowe’s. MyLowe’s in an integrated online experience that helps customers manage their biggest asset – their homes. Here’s how it works: In-store or online you register for a MyLowe’s card. Your card is then scanned every time you make a purchase. You can even enter your ID number online to track purchases. All purchases are stored in your customer profile.

Oh, my awesomsauce.

Do you know what this means???

You can now keep track and organize every home improvement purchase you make.

You can easily look up which appliance you bought and see if it’s still under warranty.

You can create a home profile online. Within your home profile you can list floor dimensions, window sizes, and more!

You can make notes for specific products you purchased.

You can create shopping lists.

You can set and access reminders for things you need to buy regularly. Hello air filters!

You can make a future project list too!

Ready for the best part???

No more taking messy paint cans in-store with you! Not only does it track what brand and finish of paint you bought, it knows what color as well! Whether it was one of Lowe’s custom colors, or a color you had matched from a different brand, all the information is stored right there on your card.

Now, I must tell you, there is one very bad things about this whole idea.

Your husband can now track what purchases you are making every time you have a inkling to repaint your bathroom or buy another pair of gardening gloves.

Don’t worry. There’s an easy solution!

I had my husband get his own account and card. 🙂

To learn more about MyLowe’s or to sign up, go here. A very special thank you to the MyLowe’s crew who helped me sign up at CES. I am very sorry I was giddy with an embarrassing amount of joy over this concept. I am not however embarrassed that I have bought six cans of different colored paint over the last six years for the same wall in my living room.


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