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My camera lens is constantly getting dirty. Last year, I purchased a Lenspen to help keep it clean and fingerprint free. While I was at CES  I was thrilled to see Lenspen there, and was quite surprised at how many new products they were showcasing.

The SideKick is the cool new cleaner for tablets and laptops.  Besides the Original Lenspen, now there is a Lenspen for your camera filter and your camera viewfinder.

Let’s take a look at the Sidekick first. It comes in this slick little case, and the cleaning carbon pad pops open for use.

This is my teens Kindle Fire. Scary!

You just use your pointer finger and glide the Sidekick back and forth.

Yes, these are real photos my friends.

That is seriously amazing.

The Lenspens come in several different sizes. The Original Lenspen is round to contour the shape of your lens, the FilterKlear Lenspen is flat since filters are a flat surface, and the MicroPro is perfect for small lenses and viewfinders.

I am always finding fingerprints on my compact camera lens, and the MicroPro is perfect for that itty bitty glass.

All of the Lenspen products are made to clean with carbon. Carbon molecules have the unique ability to absorb huge amounts of oils and contaminants. The cool thing about these products is there is no liquid or cloths involved.

Thanks Lenspen for letting me try out these cool new products! To learn more about how Lenspen works, visit their website here. The Original Lenspen retails for $14.95, and can be purchased along with other products here.

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