The 39 Clues Rapid Fire eBook Review and Giveaway!

My thirteen year old has been begging for a Kindle Fire for Christmas. She loves to read so I don’t have a problem buying a device that encourages her to do so, it’s the price of purchasing books afterward that scares me!  She decided last year to re-read the entire Harry Potter series. In just ten days she was done. If I have to start buying eBooks, that girls is going to break the bank!

That’s why when I heard about the 39 Clues Rapid Fire eBook release, my heart leapt with joy! Starting December 25th, you can download the first eBook for just .99! Every day after until the 31st of December, a new book will be available for the same price. Not only do I love the price, I love that it will occupy some of that school break time I am stressing about filling!

The 39 Clues Rapid Fire eBooks will also be available for multiple devices. Tablets, eReaders, your phone, computer… I think I will get it on our iPad for my younger son as well!

Scholastic sent me a set of the series to review, and my thirteen year old just went crazy when she saw them! She read the first book right away, and then immediately went online. Each book in the series comes with 6 game cards that reveal important information about the characters in the books. With each set of game cards you unlock clues online about the story. My daughter thought it was awesome to be able to collect the cards, and then play games online that evolve around the stories. She also loves that the first book was written by her favorite author, Rick Riordan. When she discovered that, there was some serious joyful squealing at our house!

In celebration of the eBook release, Scholastic would like to give one of you the complete paperback boxed set of the original 39 Clues series, books #1-11! Just leave a comment below to enter. Contest ends December 23rd at midnight. Winner will be announced on Facebook.

To learn more about the 39 Clues series go here.

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