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I have just eight hours left until my kids are home from school for two entire weeks.

Not that I am counting.

Okay, yes I am counting.

I am also a little bit terrified as to how I am going to fill the time. Here’s my game plan for family time sanity: lots of puzzles, lots of playing outside in the snow, and several new apps to keep my kids busy.

Want to know which one is at the top of my list?

Talking Santa by WeeWorld.

A free application through iTunes, Talking Santa is one of those super silly, laugh out loud kind of applications. I let my three girls try it out, and finally after two hours I had to shut it down for bedtime. I don’t think I have ever heard the three of them laugh so hard together.

Here, take a look:

I have a feeling these girls are going to be asking to play this app again and again!

Some of the great features of this app are you can share on Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail your silly creations. Also, there are nine different backgrounds, and several different characters to choose from.

iPhone Screenshot 5

There are also some really cool animations that are included in the app. You can give Santa a kiss under the mistletoe, or throw a snowball at him. There are lots of extra silly animations that can be purchased in app too.

iPhone Screenshot 2

With Talking Santa there are also six different silly voices you can choose from. My girls got a big kick out of hearing their voice sound like a robot and a chipmunk! I really love that I can save the movie clips they create. It has been fun for the kids to record and play for Dad when he gets home from work. You can also e-mail your recorded video clips to friends and family. I am definitely going to make the kids make a few clips for cousins while they are home from school next week!

iPhone Screenshot 1

So how did Talking Santa do with our review team?

Thanks to WeeWorld for asking me to review Talking Santa! I love apps that keep my kids entertained, and bring out their creativity! To download Talking Santa for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone, go here.

Now if you will excuse me, I am down to seven hours and fifty four minutes, and I have some very last minute Christmas shopping to do, and it involves going out to lunch by myself for two hours.

Love the Holidays!

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