WeeMee Avatar Creator App Review and free download codes!

Okay, before we start, you know what an Avatar is right?

Well, let’s do a refresher anyways.

An Avatar is a graphic representation of your alter ego or character. In a game or virtual world it is in 3D, and in online communities or internet ¬†forums, it’s two-dimensional.

I know, cool right? I have always wanted an alter ego too.

Yeah, that’s just what my husband needs is an evil Natalie walking around.


Unless I am the evil Natalie!


Okay, back on track.

So, if you don’t have an avatar, or you do and love making them, this is totally the app for you. It’s called WeeMee Avatar Creator for the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad.

WeeMee Avatar Creator is just .99 in iTunes, and comes with over 300 options that can be mixed and matched to create your perfect alter ego.

Take a look at mine:

Hot stuff! Here is one I made of my husband:

My husband is going to love this, especially since he can’t wink in real life. ūüôā

WeeMee Avatar Creator come with 15 different themed backgrounds, 92 clothing items, 78¬†accessories, 26 different pairs of glasses… still going…44 hairstyles, makeup, facial hair, and much, much more.

Thanks goodness there are so many hairstyles because I seriously change mine like every month.

iPhone Screenshot 4

Another cool feature is that you can send WeeMees by e-mail or MMS. You could use one on your blog, home screen on your phone, facebook profile pic, Christmas card…

Okay, someone seriously make a Christmas card with avatars. That would be awesome.

iPhone Screenshot 3

The options are endless. And fun. And entertaining, especially for my thirteen year old!

(Honestly, I’m pleased to have an app that my thirteen year old and I can try out together.)

And I am thrilled I am not my own evil alter ego.


So how did this fab avatar app do?

Great job WeeWorld!

Wait! That’s not it! The kind people at Wee World want you to try WeeMee Avatar for free! The first ten people interested can snag a free download code below.












To learn more about WeeMee Avatar Creator go here. To check out other awesome apps by WeeWorld, go here. Thanks WeeWorld for the opportunity to try out this app!

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