Stacie’s Honda Test Drive “Can I Take the Steering Wheel?”

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Next up on our test drives was Stacie of Stacie’s Place.  Read what she had to say about the experience here.  Stacie wanted to go to Old Spaghetti Factory, which I was TOTALLY fine with, being that it’s my absolute favorite restaurant.  This was also good because it required a little bit of freeway drivin’ to get there.

I arrived at her house with my kids in tow because my Husband was running late coming home from the Academy.  No big deal though, my kids ADORE the Old Spaghetti Factory.  Plus it gave Stacie a chance to see how the back seat spacing holds up with some frame of reference.  When she hopped in, of course she had to adjust the seat (again, see reference… I’m a shorty mcshort from shorty way).  What was funny to me was how reliant she is on GPS.  This car does not feature a GPS Navigation System (although you can get one installed).  I pulled up the address to the restaurant on my phone and directed her using that.  A navigation system would be essential for her in a new car.

I explained about the blind spot camera, and a few other features.  When we arrived at the restaurant, the spot we were going to pull into was over run with a large truck in the parking spot next to it.  We noticed that right behind us was a perfect spot though, so it was a good chance for her to try out the rear camera!  She backed into the spot (ever so slowly, as it made her extremely nervous to do so for the first time) without ever looking behind her back once.  She used the camera, which has super helpful lines to show you exactly where you will end up if you continue on the path you are treading.

As we got out of the car she asked what the buttons on the handles were.  I told her that I honestly didn’t know, since I was never able to figure out what they did.  I have since figured it out though!  Remember back a few posts ago, when I said that the auto unlock feature didn’t always work?  Well, part of the problem was that I’d push that button as I tried to open the door.  The problem with that is that pushing the button is what LOCKS the car.  If the key is in your pocket, all you need to do is press that button to lock the car (again without having to take the key out of your pocket).  So, there you have the reason it wouldn’t work all the time.  I was just locking the car back up as I was trying to unlock it!

We had a lovely meal where I ate my awesome Spaghetti with Meat Sauce.  mmmmmmm.  My son got the Spumoni scoop with the most pistachio ice cream, which would quickly be confiscated by my husband if he were with us.

After dinner I showed her the Bluetooth capabilities of the car, by having her call my cell phone.  She was so in love with the steering wheel of the car (which could help you answer the phone, change the volume, the song, the display on the monitor in the car, etc etc.  She even said “I wish I could just take this steering wheel off and put it in my car!”  She just loved having all the controls right there available to to her without taking her hands off the wheel!

As we concluded our trip, she wanted to try a u-turn in her neighborhood, because apparently that function is super important to her.  She flipped her u-turn, and was definitely satisfied with the results.  She mentioned that the ride was definitely smoother than her current car.

Thanks for the fun test drive Stacie!  I’ll be dreaming of another trip to Old Spaghetti Factory soon!

Disclosure: I was provided the use of a 2013 Honda Accord for a period of time to facilitate these test drives by Ken Garff Honda of Orem.  I was not compensated further for my participation in this program.

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