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First things first, it’s official that I need to toss those pants in the trash.  With the weight I’ve lost they are entirely too baggy.  Now that we’ve gotten THAT out of the way, I’m SUPER excited to introduce you to a campaign I have partnered with Ken Garff Honda of Orem on!

The campaign is called “Test Drive with Tech4Moms”.  Here’s how it works.  Ken Garff Honda of Orem allows me the use of a car for a set period of time.  During this time I will be taking other bloggers around Utah out on the town.  I will drive to their house, and show them all the cool features of these brand new Honda cars, and allow them to drive the car to their chosen destination (it could be a breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or even just on a trip to Target).  I will be writing a post on my blog on what I thought the blogger’s experience with the car was, like their favorite feature of the car, and what they said about it.  They will also write one post on their blog about our fun adventure together.

So the next few weeks I’ll be looking for bloggers to test drive (free meal included!).  I have already booked a few, and will possibly be looking for more very soon, so stay tuned if you want to join in the fun!

To kick off this campaign though, I need to test drive the car myself!  So I’m heading to California with my kiddos this weekend!  Make sure to keep up with my adventures with this Honda Accord throughout the week on Instagram (@Tech4Moms) on Twitter (@Tech4Moms) and of course on Google+ (+SarahKimmel), starting off with my husband and I taking the car up the canyon to run a half marathon tomorrow!

I’m really excited about this campaign!  We are definitely going to be doing some really awesome stuff with this car!

Disclosure: I was given the use of a Honda Accord for a set period of time by Ken Garff Honda of Orem.  I was not paid or compensated in any other manner.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using the links.



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