Jenny’s Honda Test Drive “It’s Like We Live in the FUTURE!”

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This week I’m going fast and furious with the test drives.  The next ones will definitely be more spread out, but I had to make up for lost time in California!  My very first test drive was none other than my friend Jenny Eckton of Formerly Phread.

I arrived at her house and told her to hop into the drivers seat.  When she saw the button to turn the car on, she said “is this all I push?”  I confirmed, and she turned the car on.  Then she said “It’s like we live in the FUTURE!”  It really is amazing to just push a button and have the car turn on.  Especially when you’ve been used to turning a key to start the ignition for the last 20 years!  She adjusted her seat (since I’m a big shorty short from shorty way) and put the car in reverse.  Immediately the rear camera turned on and she was able to see where she was backing up.  This was a key feature for her, as she lives in a cul-de-sac with lots of kids running around.  Also there is a chance that some of her kids (whom she lovingly refers to on social media as #TheWad, which I totally adore) may end up putting toys behind the car.  Since the car has 3 camera angles for the rear camera she is able to look directly underneath the rear bumper for toys and then widen the camera to see if there are any obstacles or kids in the way.

We sat in the driveway for a minute and I showed her the Bluetooth connection to my phone by having her dial my number up.  The dashboard screen popped up who was calling me (and since I already have her number it said “Jenny Eckton calling”.  She pressed the button on the dash to answer the call.  She could have also used the steering wheel button to answer.  I also showed her how pausing and starting the music on the dashboard controlled what was happening on my phone, since I was listening to music through the Bluetooth connection.

We pulled out of the driveway and were on our way.  I had her turn on her right blinker so she could see the blind spot camera show up on the dash.  I told her about the 3 lines and that you’ll want to make sure the car you can see is beyond the third line before you merge over into the right lane.  We headed on down the road over to Old Towne Grill for lunch.  As soon as the waiter said the bacon on the burger was deep fried… SOLD.  Doesn’t it look delicious?  It was!

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After our tasty meal we headed back to the car.  I had her approach the car first and try the handle to open the car.  It was locked.  As I walked closer with the key in my pocket I had her try again (all while keeping my hands in the air)  It unlocked and we got in the car (without fumbling around for the key).

I told her about the EcoBoost, which will give the car a little less get up and go, but give you better gas mileage, and a few of the other cool features of the car.  From what I can tell, she loved the Honda Accord, and we talked about how it would make a perfect commuter car for her husband.  Probably not enough room in this one for her entire “Wad”.  Her favorite feature, of course, being that rear camera when you are backing up!

Disclosure: Ken Garff Honda of Orem allowed me the use of a brand new Honda Accord for a period of time to facilitate these test drives.  No other compensation was provided.


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