Samsung Galaxy S4 Active on AT&T Review

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Recently I took a trip to Southern California.  AT&T had emailed me about their new partnership with Disney to provide additional towers within the park to improve reception, and I just happened to be on my way to Disneyland.  I wanted to check out the service in the park, but what I REALLY wanted to check out was the AT&T exclusive phone the Galaxy S4 Active, by Samsung… which is supposed to be “life proof”.  I really wanted to put this phone to the test!  I informed them that I would not be responsible for any damage on this phone (as I have a tendency to break loaner phones, and I REALLY wanted to put this one through the ringer).  Armed with my phone, we headed out to California.

First, let’s just talk about reception inside the park.  My mom joined us for our trip and was constantly trying to set up meeting times and places.  We kept informing her that it was, in fact, the year 2013, and we don’t need to do that anymore.  Reception inside a huge theme park is essential these days, especially when you are in as big of a group as we were (my two kids and I, plus my sister’s entire family, my brother’s entire family, my other brother’s entire family and of course my mom and step-dad).  Throughout the day we were in constant communication “just getting off of Space Mountain, where are you guys now?” … “heading to dinner, we’ll be at the Hungry Bear near Splash Mountain”.  Being able to go about our day, yet still be able to meet up for things we want to do together was awesome.  Inside the park, in this day and age, a cell phone is the only way to get it done.  If you don’t have reception, it’s not going to end well.  Needless to say, the reception was great and we all had a blast… all 22 of us…



Next up on our trip was the beach.  I knew this was the PERFECT place to really put the GS4 Active to the test.  I am happy to report that not only did it stand up to the harsh pounding of sand and surf, it still works great!

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When we got back to Utah, we had a water park to go to.  My favorite thing to do at the water park was freak people out as I pretended to drop the phone in the water.  It was hilarious.  People kept staring at me SO VERY CONCERNED about the state of my phone.



I took pictures under water…




FROM under water



and even took it with me down the water slide….

The phone still works like a champ, even from being in my pocket in the wave pool, and in the lazy river.  I am seriously amazed by this phone.  Everyone I freaked out by dropping it into the water wanted to know what the phone was, and pretty much wanted to buy it right then and there.  Hopefully this will continue to be a trend with the latest phones, as it is so very needed!!

Will it survive a trip into the toilet?  Yes.  yes it will.  It will even survive you washing it off afterwards as well.  😉

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