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When I visited simplehuman headquarters late last year I was privy to a brand new product that wasn’t released yet.  It was this Sensor Mirror, and I thought to myself… the kings of sensor technology (see trash can and soap dispensers) have done it again!  They asked for a volunteer to come up and check out a few different “magnification” mirrors from other vendors and then the last one in the line was theirs.  I looked through them all, and when I got to theirs… I mentioned that I may not be comfortable with myself in full HD glory!

The image staring back at me was so crisp, but not so close that I was getting a headache.  The other amazing thing, as I stepped to the mirror, was that the light suddenly came on around the mirror so that the image had exactly the right amount of light for putting on makeup.  I don’t know about you, but if I put my makeup on in a bathroom that isn’t very well lit… let’s just say the results can be devastating.  If I walk away from the mirror the light turns back off very quickly.

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Here is what I loved about simplehuman and the thought they put into each and every product.  As we were learning about the features of this sensor mirror, CEO Frank told us a story about how he was watching his wife get ready to go somewhere.  He started to track her movements and time various aspects of the process.  This is how he figured out exactly how long it should take for the lights on the mirror to turn on and off.  If it turned on too quickly or from too far a distance, just walking by or brushing your teeth could trigger it, which would get annoying.  You also don’t want to have to stand in front of the mirror forever, waiting for the light to turn on.  The timing had to be just right, and leave it to a guy in a hurry to go somewhere, waiting for his wife to get ready, to figure out exactly how long that should be.

The light within the mirror is actually pretty amazing technology itself.  The “bulb” is LED, which means it will last at least for the next 5 years without ever going dimmer or burning out.  It has 600 lux, which is actually twice as bright as the second best mirror on the market.  The light is also distributed evenly throughout the light ring, so you don’t have any darker spots or brighter spots.

It’s also WIRELESS!  You can see in the above image that there is no cord attached to the mirror, yet it shines ever so brightly.  That’s because it’s rechargeable using a simple USB port.  Even if you lose the charging cord in the future, you can always just plug it in to any old micro USB cord (such as one that comes with your phone).

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I can say with 100% surety that if you look good in this mirror, you will look good anywhere.   Also, it’s hard to take pictures of mirrored items.

Disclosure: I am being compensated for my participation in the simplehuman ambassador program.  Horrible HD images of myself are my own.

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