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So, if you haven’t noticed by now, my website has undergone a drastic change in appearance.  Trust me, it’s for the better.  Natalie (our fabulous new contributor), took some incredible pictures for my header (mainly because she couldn’t stand looking at my old header any longer due to the bad lighting in the pictures I had!  HA!)  Since the header changed, all of the colors in the site needed to follow suit.  So now I have this fabulous new look, and my business cards looked like my old style.  I’m all about branding, and this was such a disconnect…

So, I went to work finding a new card I could really put my new stylish brand behind.  I was offered some cards from Tiny Prints, and jumped at the chance to create a new better business card for myself.  One that could be super unique.  I found a style I liked, and got to designing.  Here’s the finished product…


Fun, right?  I’m really excited to start handing them out when I go to CES in a couple months, and then again at BlogHer in August!

It was incredibly easy to set up the card too.  First I went to the website and selected my style.  Then I was able to upload images to insert into different areas of the card.  Since I’m kinda crazy, this actually took longer than it really needs to, as I kept changing the picture and re-uploading.  At first I didn’t even realize I could edit the fonts as well.  They had a TON of fonts to choose from, which was awesome since I’m obsessed with finding exactly the right font.  Print and delivery was really quick also, which made me happy.  Since anytime I order ANYTHING I start getting antsy for it to arrive as soon as the order is placed.

Definitely go check out Tiny Prints business cards and design one for yourself!  It’s really fun!  What do you think of how mine turned out?

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