Lightscoop Review and Giveaway!

Ready for the holidays?

Christmas cards printed yet?

What? You haven’t even taken the photo yet?

No worries! I have got something that will forever change your opinion that you can’t take your own professional looking pictures. It’s called the Lightscoop!

You put it on your camera, adjust your camera to the recommended settings, pop up the flash, and you are good to go. I will be honest, when I saw the picture of these I thought there is now way that works. In all my years as a photographer I have never seen anything like it. Lightscoop sent us both the Warming and the Standard Lightscoop and I was more than ready to put them to the test.

I decided to put up some plain white paper on a bare wall in my house. It was early evening so my living room was really dark, but I thought I would give it a try anyway.

My adorable nephew happened to be visiting.

Hello adorable nephew!

Here’s the first picture without the Lightscoop. This is on manual with my regular camera flash.

Of course it’s hard to make someone so cute not look good! But, as you can see the light is blasting his face and making him look entirely washed out.  It kinda looks like a mug shot.

Don’t worry sis, this photo is not a photo of things to come. 🙂

Now here’s a photo with the Standard Lightscoop.

Wow! So what happens is the light bounces of the reflective glass, onto the ceiling, and then back onto whatever you are photographing.

In this case, the sweetest little boy in the whole world.

(Who happens to constantly steal my toy trains.)

Here’s another shot with the Standard:

I am thinking this is Christmas card material!

And one more:

I told you he was a train stealer!

We better hang onto that mug shot.

What I love about the photo above is that he is standing in really harsh sunlight from the window. Look at how the Lightscoop lightens up the harsh shadow on his face. As a photographer I am telling you that is goooood stuff.

Now let’s try out the Warming Lightscoop.

Here’s my daughter with the on camera flash set to manual.

And here’s with the Warming Lightscoop on my camera.

Adorable! Love that warm glow.

That girl is my only child that does not run away from my camera.

Unlike this one.

See, I told you.

Here’s another shot with the Warming:

Okay seriously friends, this would be the easiest way to take your own Christmas card photos.

And take pictures of your kids Christmas morning without them looking like they were up all night waiting to open Christmas presents.

Which they probably were, but we don’t have to look that way, now do we?

The Lightscoop retails for just under $30 and comes in a protective bag and instructions. Guess what??? One of you is going to win one!

Just leave a comment below and you will enter to win your choice of either the Standard or Warming Lightscoop. You must live in the continental US, and you need to have a DSLR. To see if your camera fits go here. Contest ends on November 22nd so enter now!

*Update: Giveaway is now closed. Thank you for participating!*

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