Jo Totes Camera Bag

I love getting packages in the mail.

If something is the same price in a store and online, you bet I’m buying it online.

Frustratingly, the last five years our home has been the recipient of all mail and packages that our church group has received.

Which has been a lot of packages.

Imagine my sadness each time when the delivery man has come to the door only to hand over one more package not intended for me.

Where have all the good deliveries been?

Not anymore, my friends! Today I got the best package ever in the mail.


Just look at this box! Who wouldn’t be excited to receive this!

Can you guess what’s inside?

Jo Totes!

Just hang on a minute while I get myself together here.


Sorry, I just can’t contain myself today.

Look! It’s the new Betsy Bag in mustard!

You have to understand, I have been shooting with Tenba camera bags for years. Do you know what a Tenba bag is? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice bag… for boys! Just last year I bought a gray Tenba bag and after three days I had to go buy a completely different shoulder strap. The one it came with was so wide it kept slipping right off my shoulder. I felt like like a six year old wearing her dads shoes.

But Jo Totes? It fits like a glove. The straps are the perfect size for a woman’s shoulders, and it comes with two different straps. Wear it over your shoulder, or wear the adjustable strap across your body.

The Betsy bag is spacious too. Just look at the ample room inside!

It’s like I have been walking around in sneakers all my life and someone finally introduced me to comfortable heels.

I just can’t believe I ever wore that gray bag.

Wait! Before you go don’t forget to enter our giveaway to win a Jo Totes bag of your own! And a very special thanks to Jo Totes for sponsoring this post and letting me try out this beautiful bag. I mentioned it smells divine, didn’t I?

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