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I am so excited to share this important new app with everyone at Tech4Moms. We post a lot of fun and useful apps around here, but we don’t post often about safety. The MyGuardianAngel iPhone app was just released last month, and its purpose is to get you real-time help from your most trusted friends, family, and emergency contacts when you need it the most.

The idea for the myGuardianAngel iPhone App was born from the far too many news stories about kids and adults being kidnapped, killed, molested and abused. This app brings together existing technologies that can help or save people, solve crimes and help to prosecute offenders.

Here’s how it works:
First you set up your emergency contacts. You want to tell the application who to notify in case of an emergency. This can be the police, your spouse, or a close friend. You don’t have to pick one person, you can add multiple contacts.
When you find yourself in an emergency, you then push the red help button. This sends out a text and e-mail message to all your contacts. It also takes you to a video option where you can hit record to send a video as well. The message that has been sent also includes your GPS position, and a link to any streaming audio or video that you selected from your device.

If you choose not to press the help button, and click on “Cautionary Options”, it will take you to the menu below.

This menu allows you to quickly get in touch with your contacts in urgent circumstances. If the situation is not an emergency, but is urgent, you can send more specific video or voice recorded messages. You can also just send a GPS check in email and text. This is a great feature if you just need to quickly let someone know where you are.

I also love that within the app you can choose from a selection of default messages. For example, if you have a teenager who needs to quickly let you know they are alright, there is a default message that says, “I just wanted to check in and let you know everything is all right.”

Or, if your teen is in trouble, they can select, “I may be in bad situation and may be unable to answer my phone.”

This is a quick and convenient way for them to let loved ones know you may be in danger. Obviously if someone is threatening them, they might not be able to make a phone call. This way they can sneakily send you a message letting you know they are in trouble. The great thing about this app is it’s easy to use and understand. You could teach a young child or elderly relative to push a specific color when they are in trouble or need help.

The MyGuardianAngel app sells in iTunes for .99 here. I think it is well worth the price for the assured safety. My teenager has an iPhone too, and we will definitely both be using this app on our phones. I had never thought about using an app for safety concerns before, but I feel comforted knowing there is an application that can be so helpful in a possible emergency or time of need. Definitely go check this one out, it’s a wonderful app!

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