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Get your Crock-Pots ready because I have the perfect slow cooking app for you! It’s called Get Crocking!, and it’s a new app just launched in the iTunes Store for $2.99.

This has got to be by far one of my favorite new cooking apps. I love cooking with my Crock-Pot, especially on the weekends with family, or weekdays when I know I am not going to be home right before dinner time. Here’s some of the cool features:

The front page of the app is very clean and easy to use. From the front page you can browse existing recipes, look at others top favorites, check out the newest recipes added, or search by key ingredients.

The search feature is my favorite! I did a search just this last Sunday and typed in two ingredients I had on hand and wanted to use, and up popped several recipes that all looked de-lish!

The app also has a serving size increasing or decreasing function that works in a really cool way. When you are on the Ingredients page of a recipe you can increase or decrease the servings. (You do have to go back to the Overview”page and add it to your shopping cart for the change to be reflected. This totally makes sense when you are in the app.)  So not only do the serving sizes change immediately, it also changes the quantities under the ingredients page. These changes can be reflected in your shopping cart so you can buy the correct amount of each ingredient.

The shopping list inside the app has a really clever feature. When you are looking at your checklist for ingredients, if you check off a few items and then text or email the list to someone, the app will only send those items that have not been checked off. This is so cool l if you have several items in your pantry and you want your spouse to pickup the remaining items at the store. This feature is very unique to this app and I don’t know of any other recipe apps that work that way.

GetCrocking is also a very community driven app. The app itself is continually adding recipes, but users can also send in reviews, recipe images, and add their own favorite recipes to be shared with the community right inside the app. I love the idea of uploading images after I cook a beautiful meal!

I also love that I can bookmark all of my favorite recipes. After rating and reviewing the ones I have tried, it’s a great way to remember which ones were favorites and why.

Overall, I have been very impressed with this apps versatility, and look forward to using it again and again. In fact, tonight I am trying out the BBQ Pork Sandwiches recipe. The pictures makes it look divine! I will let you know how it goes!

To purchase or learn more about Get Crocking! go here. GetCrocking is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and  iPad 1 & 2.

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