My 2nd Grader is Just a Call Away with Unlimited Talk and Text

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As a kid, back to school meant a new wardrobe, new office supplies, and of course a new Trapper Keeper. Now that I’m a mom, back to school shopping is small fries compared to the back to school schedule. My seven year old’s days are packed tight with gymnastics, play practice, homework, soccer, and friends–plus a burgeoning sense of independence that frightens me. The good news is that I can be #JustACallAway because of Walmart Family Mobile. How did I come to this point? Good question.

My 2nd grader can carry a phone to help me be more at ease with her new found independence.

I used to hang out at Bella’s practices waiting to take her home, but now that I’ve got two younger kidlets, one of which is a baby, hanging out is not really feasible–especially when these practices happen three or more times per week. I have to leave her there. Alone. She happens to like this change, as it compliments her desire for independence. But she’s just a new second grader! What if practice gets out early and I’m not there to get her? What if she gets sick and needs to come home? What if she forgot her shin guards?

No Phone and Forgotten with no phone to call for a ride

When I was in fourth grade I sat in front of a dance studio for two hours after practice one day (Have no fear. The above photo was just a re-enactment Bella did for me. She was in a bad mood, so it wasn’t hard to pretend to be put out about sitting in front of a dance studio). It was my dad’s turn to pick me up and he forgot. By the time I realized my ride wasn’t coming, I was the only one still there and the doors were locked so I couldn’t go back in and use the phone. I was much too frightened of the Chinese restaurant next door to ask to use their phone, so, I sat there for two hours on the cement steps. And cried. I cried until my dad finally came to get me–after it was dark out.

Did that ever happen to you, or have you done it to one of your kids? Maybe I am the only one. I am the middle child, so I might have a skewed idea of what’s normal. Either way, I doubt those two hours would have been as traumatic if I’d had Angry Birds to keep me company. Or I could have called home to remind my dad to come get me and skip the drama altogether.

This is the face of a girl with a new phone

This is why we got Bella a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Not just so she can avoid the scarring experience of sitting outside after dark waiting for a ride that isn’t coming, but to put me at ease in case something happens and she needs to communicate with me–while giving her the autonomy she craves as a seven (going on twenty-one) year old. And let’s be honest. I’m sure there will be plenty of days when I’ll be elbow deep in dinner prep when I should be picking someone up, and not even realize it.

When buying a cell phone for a young child the first most important thing is price. Family Mobile just so happens to offer the lowest priced unlimited plans. Even though she’s not quite there yet, I don’t have to worry about the day that Bella discovers a love for talking on the phone (or texting) that goes beyond her love for crayons and water colors. She gets unlimited text and calling, plus 1G of 4gLTE data, all for $29.88 per month (for the first line). That’s the cheapest unlimited plan I’ve ever seen. Seriously.
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The second most important thing is protecting that shiny new phone, lest it end up like this…
Kids destroy  phones if you don't protect them. Have a care, and put a screen protector and a case on it!

Every single device I’ve given to my kids without protection has met a similar fate. The Galaxy Grand Prime is a smart phone. Most people would agree that a smart phone’s most attractive feature is a functioning and uncracked touch screen. Make sure to get a case and screen protector.

The aisle where you can find Walmart Family Mobile phones and start up kits

Getting it all set up is a breeze. I just walked into Walmart, moseyed back to the electronic section, grabbed a Family Mobile starter kit off the shelf and asked the guy at the counter to give me the Galaxy Grand Prime. He activated the phone for me right there in the store. Phone accessories (*ahem* like cases and screen protectors) were just one aisle over.

This was the best solution for our particular situation. Win-win. Now I don’t have to worry about my new second grader being left without a way to contact me if she needs anything and vice versa. I’m just a call away!

How about you? Tell me what ways Family Mobile would make your life easier in the comments below!

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