AT&T Wants to Give You $300 to Switch

This is a post sponsored by AT&T.  All opinions are my own.


The carrier wars are in full force, and everyone wants you to join their team.  It’s such a great time to have a cell phone!  Everyone has some fantastic deals to try and get you to switch, so I analyzed all of the incentives, and found the best one for you.  For a limited time, customers who switch to AT&T and buy any smartphone on AT&T Next receive $300 in credits: a $100 bill credit + a $200 instant credit or AT&T promotion card (buyback credit).  That’s $300 to get you to switch to AT&T!

Some people have been complaining to me that they are upset that their current carrier is going to push them into an installment plan for their phone.  My answer to them is that this is the direction ALL of the mobile carriers are headed.  So, I wouldn’t be too concerned with the nitty gritty of it.  In the past, you would sign up for your mobile contract, get a seriously reduced price for your cell phone, and be locked in for a 2 year agreement.  You didn’t really think top of the line smartphones were $200 did you?  The carriers are now doing away with the 2 year contract, and separating out the price of the phone from the actual service.  It used to be baked right into your plan, so it was hard to notice.  So, to get the $300 from AT&T, you will need to purchase your device on the Next Installment Plan.

You don’t even have to visit the AT&T store to get this deal done either.  You can do the entire transaction online (you will be sent packaging to send your buyback device to AT&T).  Just head to and you must have a Yes response to each question to be eligible for this promotion.  With this deal, you’ll have your AT&T bill paid for at least a couple months!

 I HIGHLY recommend the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.  It’s the device I’m currently rockin, and I LOVE it.  The edge screen is way more than just a neat looking screen.  It’s functional too!  I use it as a clock while it’s charging next to my bed.

Totally go check out AT&T’s Summer Buyback event, and see for yourself if it’s enough to get you to switch!

This is a post sponsored by AT&T.  All opinions are my own.



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