Skate or Die: Maverix Electronic Skateboards

When I was a kid, I was a total tom boy.  I used to ride around on skateboards with the other guys in the neighborhood, and LOVED it.  We’ve purchased a couple skateboards here and there for our kids, but we ran over one, lost another (they were definitely super cheap skateboards).  Being the tech house of the neighborhood now, we are known for having the latest and greatest.  While we don’t own a hoverboard quite yet… we did get to try out the next best thing.  The Superman California Electronic Skateboard by Maverix USA.


This skateboard has been the hit of the party every where we go.  You just step on, press the trigger on the wireless handheld controller and you are off to the races!  There are 3 modes; Beginner, Medium and Expert, so you can ride along at your own level.  It also has an ABS brake on board (you can see how well it stops at the end of the emeded video below.)  Other than the fact you don’t have to be Fred Flinstone by using your legs to power the board, it operates just like a normal skateboard.  The steering is the same, but I also wouldn’t be doing a ton of tricks on the board.  It’s definitely not heading for the x-games any time soon.


The board is very heavy.  We got the model made for the younger folks, to try out, but my husband, brother, and myself have had no issues using it (although going uphill it does complain a bit if an adult was on it).  I doubt my daughter would really be able to lift it up for any extended period of time, and she’s almost 10.

We’ve taken the skateboard all over town, and even up to Yellowstone!  It turned heads wherever we went, and there was no shortage of folks who wanted to take a spin on the board (both kids AND adults!)  You can see how much fun everyone had checking out in this video…

While the skateboard is definitely pricey, it really is a lot of fun!  These days so many people are concerned about how much time kids are spending indoors and glued to various screens.  This little device is a GREAT way to get kids outside!  No one wants to stay inside with this skateboard around.

Final verdict on the Maverix Electronic Skateboard….



Totally awesome!

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