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As soon as I saw the box this phone came in, I knew who would be the perfect person to test it out.  I immediately brought the entire box over to my Sister’s house and gave the phone and the AMAZING box that came with it over to my Brother -in-Law.

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This box was amazing, and filled with all sorts of cool survival gear….. and a rubber ducky.  Enough from me though, let’s hear about this phone from the man himself…

This is the thing… I am not Bear Grylls… I am a dad.  I like to hike, I like to boat, I like to work out, I like to fish, I like to mow my lawn and I like to work in my yard. I fix my own sprinklers.  Not because I can’t afford to pay someone to do it for me, but because I think there are certain things a man should learn to do for himself, and his family, because it is his job to be the man. Call it sexist but I have chosen it to be my job. I sit outside with my shovel and I dig in the ground and I like to put my phone near me and listen to music while I work. I listen to music the same way when I change my car’s oil or just do maintenance. I got rid of my last phone after I was working out in my garage to the 1/8 surround sound of my speakers and I blew out one speaker. Have you ever listened to the Beatles “Strawberry Fields” with one speaker? Paul is singing harmony and John is in the distance mumbling… You can hear Paul’s Base but not Ringo’s drums. Kind of a mood killer… so I gave the phone away.

I had another phone and I kept it in my pocket while helping my neighbor move out of his house, sometime between moving a couch and a TV the screen cracked into a beautiful rainbow of wonderful colors and it was kinda cool but it turned my phone into a piece of worthless junk.

Who hasn’t been texting while on the toilet and dropped your phone into the bowl… OK maybe that was only me.. Why haven’t they made a phone that is toilet bowl proof? Why haven’t they made a phone for a fisherman?  Or for when your buddies throw you in the river and ruin your expensive phone? Phones should be like watches ya know “take a beating and keep in ticking”. I have bought exactly 1 watch in my life that wasn’t water proof, it lasted a couple of days until I showered with the thing on. Solution: Now I only buy water proof watches. Why do men buy phone’s that don’t suit our life style?


I am going to sound like an advertisement for a minute because I found a “man’s” phone. The Kyocera Torque is what I have been looking for.

It is water proof so when you are tuning up your sprinkling system you don’t have to drop your phone off inside cause you might get wet. You can take the phone on the boat and not worry that your boating trip will cost you a few hundred dollars because you ruined your phone.

It is really tough I have dropped It and smashed it and the screen doesn’t crack. But my favorite feature about the phone is the speakers. Remember the phone that I blew out the speakers ( I might compare it to an orange). My favorite feature is the speakers on this thing. I originally was plugging it into some old computer speaker while I worked on my car but I can get more volume and clarity from the phone speakers than what I was getting from the plugin speakers.

I guess the point I am getting at is that I am man and I like to try to do man things, and I want a phone that didn’t come from a woman’s hand bag. I want a phone that has a chance of making it to the end of my contract. I want a phone that I can take down a river, move a buddy with, and still make calls, manage my life and listen to my music on. I think the Kyocera Torque fits the bill for me.


Thanks Wade for that fantastic review!

I will say, that while I’m not a fan of promoting this as a “man’s phone” I will say that it’s super rugged.  I threw it on the ground in the kitchen several times (I definitely told the company that I wouldn’t be sending this one back, because I was going to put it through the ringer!)  I submerged it in water, I did most things I could think of to try and destroy this phone, and it kept on ticking.  I’d say it’s also perfect for the mom of a small child, who likes to throw phones and slobber all over them.

While of course the specs on the phone COULD be better, it does have a Micro SD card slot to expand it’s memory, and if you are just looking for something that is going to take a beating, you definitely found it here.


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