Airocide Review: Clean Air for Your Home

Of my 3 kids, my 10 year old son has the most allergies. Unfortunately, he’s also the one who loves pets the most, spends his entire days outside in the polluted air, and plays soccer on the irritating grass. When I pass his room at night, his breathing is so loud and obstructed, I can’t possibly imagine how he’s sleeping at all. He has tested many treatments, drugs, inhalers, steroids, essential oils, and more, but improvement only comes when the air is clean, the pollen has subsided, the grass dies, and we keep the dog out of his room. It’s a horrible life for an active, soccer playing, dog loving boy.

I decided the only way to truly help him sleep at night, is to make sure all potential allergens did not find their way in his bedroom. We scrubbed walls, cleaned the carpet, sterilized pillows and bed sheets, and plugged in an air purifier. We were testing out the Airocide to see if it would help keep the air clean.


These kind of things don’t improve overnight, but we started the process in March when my son was at his sickest. He had red eyes, runny nose, and a cough that would not go away no matter what drugs we were giving him. It’s hard to know exactly what to credit his improvement with, but he has improved. In fact, he is covered in dog hair each night from playing with the pet, we aren’t as careful with washing his sheets every week, yet I haven’t heard him cough or breath through his obstructed nose in at least 3 weeks.


I actually never knew there were portable air purifiers. I thought they were something that we had to install in the duct work of our house or something. I was thrilled to find something that could be more targeted to my son’s room and not cost a fortune.

The aerocide is shown to reduce bacteria and mold by more than 70% in most settings. It also destroys harmful organic compounds, dust mites, pollen, and viruses. It would be great to put on in all our schools, don’t you think!

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  • Are you still seeing positive results with this? I’m researching air filters for my 19 month old, who is also on all kinds of meds – yet extremely active. I can’t keep the kid inside! He was doing great on his meds for a few weeks, but this week has been pretty rough. Wondering if the Airocide is worth the money for his room. Thanks!

    • I have had one for a year — I used it in a room that was always musty and slightly moldy — it stopped the smell in a few days and has kept the room fresh since then.. I ordered 4 more — totally worth it! I own a green cleaning service and deal with many people with allergy issues– I recommend this product to all my clients with special needs.