5 Cool Home Security Gadgets You Never Thought Would Materialize

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Whether you are renting or owning a house, as long as you live in it, you would need to be safe. Insurance can get you covered after the incident has occurred. But what will prevent such incidents from occurring? The answer is security gadgets for your home. In this article, we will be sharing five of these cool gadgets that can reduce the risks of robbery and break-ins.

1. Biometric Fingerprint Locks

Keys and locks now vary in shapes and sizes—and even forms. There are condominiums and apartments which utilize key cards like those of hotels. Yet robbers can still find ways to get in, by duplicating the codes and mold of the keys. To have a better sense of security, home owners are not utilizing biometric fingerprint locks to safeguard their houses via a pattern that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. Since humans have unique fingerprints, there’s no other way to get your fingerprint than chopping off your hand or finger for intruders to enter.

2. Doorstop Wedge Alarm

Another gadget to prevent sneak-in burglaries at your home is the doorstop wedge alarm. This is one of the effective home alarm systems that is positioned behind a closed door to stop its opening. Therefore, when an uninvited guest tries to break in, this doorstop wedge alarm will shout out as loud as or louder than a 120 dB siren. As a good investment, this is a mobile gadget that you can bring anywhere you go and will be useful for use in room, dorms and hotels (not only your own house door).

3. Barking Dog Alarm

barking dogQuite similar to the previous alarm, the barking dog alarm prevents burglars from robbing your home. Taking the literal sense of its name, this alarm sounds like the bark of a dog. According to retired burglars, barks are effective to make them stay out of trouble and decide to not enter a house with a dog inside. So if you’re not fond of pets such as dogs which can help protect your property, then this is a good choice

4. Dummy Surveillance Camera

People are naturally conscious when they see that they are being watched by a camera. When robbers outside see that your gates have surveillance cameras, they would not check whether or not they are really working. They perceive that someone must be watching the entrance and the back door or wherever the cameras are mounted, so they are wary to enter inconspicuously. However fake, the dummy surveillance camera would scare them off, just like the real ones. What’s even good about this home-security gadget is that you can install it everywhere at cheaper cost.

5. Fake TV Deterrent

One other fake thing you can place inside the home is the fake TV deterrent. This does not mean though that you will have to use up greater electricity to keep the TV on all the time. This gadget consists of LED lights (with changing colors) projected to a wall, appearing like the TV is on and someone is awake. When intruders know that there’s someone attentive who can catch them or call the police once they launch action, they would be less likely to continue breaking in. This fake TV deterrent has a timer that you can set so you can keep it on the entire time you’re asleep and turn it off automatically on the times when you’re awake to guard the house.


There are several cool home security gadgets in the marketplace for you to choose. These burglary deterrents in the list are five of the must-have tools you should get for better security and protection. Save yourself and stay safe!

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+Lara Chamley is head of security at one of Melbourne’s luxury apartment villages. She conducts a yearly talk on home security and has recently started a business training women self-defense.

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