Kingston Wi-Drive for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

Looks like the latest cell phone doesn’t it?

Nope. It’s actually the coolest new way to tote around storage my friends.

This is the Kingston Wi-Drive.

It’s a portable hard drive, with w-fi capabilities.

It’s works with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The Wi-Drive  has 16 or 32 GB of storage, which means it can hold tons of extra photos, videos, music, and more.

The Wi-Drive works with just downloading a simple free app from the App Store, plug it into your computer to add your files, and your good to go.

The Wi-Drive can be used simultaneously with up to three devices, and can work within a 30 foot range of devices.

Still wondering what the heck you would use this for? Let me tell you friends. Ever heard of Air Video? Air video is what we use in our home to stream movies from our computer hard drive to all of our Apple devices. We have an entire  hard drive full of movies for kids and adults. With the Air Video app, we can wirelessly stream all of our stored movies on any Apple device in our home. This has come in handy on multiple occasions. For example, when my kids crawl in bed with me before dawn I just pick one of their favorite movies and stream it to my iPhone.

So here’s what that has to do with the W-Drive. The Kingston Wi-Drive is just like Air Video on the go. In the past when we travel I throw on about half a dozen movies on my iPad for the kids, and then my iPad is full. Now I can load up the Wi-Drive with tons more videos and music, and actually have room for a few movies and TV shows for me as well. All I have to do is use the Wi-Drive App, make sure the Kingston Wi-Drive device is within 30 feet, and then the magic happens! My iPad, iPod  Touch, or iPhone can stream the files where ever  I am.

Cool, no?

I tried out the Wi-Drive with 3 different movies on 3 different devices, and it ran perfectly without a single buffer problem. Nice Kingston!

Here’s the downers:

-There are no security settings by default so anyone nearby can connect to the drive. Not a big deal if you are in the car or visiting family away from home. Also not a big deal in public if your kids are watching movies. If you have photo files or music that you want to keep private, it’s something to think about.

-The device is finicky if you want to use it and charge at the same time. Just make sure you turn it on first, let it establish a signal, then plug it in to charge and continue using.

-3 hours was about the max I got out of the Wi-Drive while streaming to multiple devices. I would love to see it make it to at least 6. I do however love that the LED light changes color letting you know how much battery life is left. Green, fully charged. Orange, half way. Red, it’s time to plug in.

-This device does create an unauthorized WiFi access on an airplane. Check with your stewardess before using it in the air.

Overall, we have been very happy with the Wi-Drive and I really look forward to future  traveling with it.

The 16 GB Wi-Drive retails for $100 , and the 32 GB retails for $177 here. Check Amazon though, prices seem to be much better there.

Thanks Kingston for letting me try out the 16GB Wi-Drive! Though the device was given to me to try out, I was not financially compensated for this post, and the opinions are all mine. I was also not financially compensated for traveling with my children, an act that in itself is often not worth any form of financial compensation.




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