easyCover Snug-it Pro Camera Case

When you buy a smart phone, the first thing you start to think about is protecting your phone, especially when you tend to drop your phone repeatedly.

Or your kids constantly drop your phone.

At my house we seem to have a serious problem with both!

Well, just like you put a case on your phone, now you can put a case on your DSLR too!

This super sleek case on camera is called the Snug-it Pro made by easyCover.



The Snug-it Pro is washable, easy to slide over your camera, and allows you to still access your battery and memory card. The website is simple to search for your camera make and model, and also directs you to find the nearest distributor.

This case on my camera has been on for about three weeks now. I have put it to the test, including ice skating and shooting a hockey team at the same time with my camera. Luckily I never  fell down, but I loved the reassurance that my camera had extra protection.

Retail for the Snug-it Pro varies from $20-$40, depending on your camera model.  You can search the vast array of camera models and cases here.

Thanks easyCover for letting me try out the Snug-it Pro! Can you make a case for my flatscreen too? For some reason my three year old keeps running into our television. 🙂

To learn more about the Snug-it Pro, go here.

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