Sonny Bloggie Live

If there was one thing that really stood out to me at CES this year, it was the Sony Bloggie Live.

And the adorable video the Sony booth was playing of a family watching their daughter get married via Bloggie wi-fi.

I might have cried.


The Bloggie Live is a beautiful camera and HD video recorder that just so happens to be the first fully capable camera able to handle live streaming over Wi-Fi.

No way!

Yes way, my friends.

This means that with wi-fi you can film, and your friends and family can watch live as you are recording.

Just imagine your toddlers next birthday party, with Grandma and Grandpa watching at home while she screams in fright over flamed candles being shoved in her face.

Just imagine all the possibilities!

Mom can’t make it to a school play, or dad wants to join in a parent teacher meeting… seriously I could go on for hours.

The other cool thing about the Sonny Bloggie Live is that you can upload your videos wirelessly too!

Need to connect?  The bottom of the camera has a pop-down USB connection for uploading and charging.

See that? It pops right back up when you are done.

Here are some other cool specs about the Sonny Bloggie Live:

Full HD 1080p video – up to three hours!

12.8MP camera

8MB built-in memory

3.o” Touch screen display

Built-in LED lighting for photos and video

In hand the Bloggie Live feels great, and we can’t forget the necessary accompanying camera wrist strap that is legally obligated to be sold on all camera’s purchased by families.

Okay, having a camera strap is not exactly a written law, but it should be.

And, I cannot forget, my absolute favorite part ever when it comes to Sony and photography.

White balance!

Sony, I don’t know how you do it, but your camera’s always produce the perfect color in photographs.

Bless you for not turning my children and their friends into a grotesque shade of magenta like another brand who will not be named.

To learn more about or purchase the Sony Bloggie live for $249 go here.

Thanks Sony for hookin’ me up with a Bloggie Live. Though given this uber cool camera, I was not financially compensated for this post, and all opinons are mine. So is the dinner placement that I shot these pictures on. Just so ya’ know.

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