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Kids’ Yoga Journey is a yoga company creating innovative ways to connect kids to movement, music, and art. Formed from a  team of combined creative moms, Kids Yoga Journey has created a series of story style apps, introducing kids to movement and Yoga.

Let me first start by saying my kids know absolutely nothing about yoga. They thought Yoga was a fictional cartoon bear who lived in the woods and strangely wore nothing but a white collar and tie. 

Apparently that is Yogi, not Yoga.

The first app I reviewed was I Am Love for the ipad and iphone. (Also available for Android and Nook Color.) The app sells for $1.99 through iTunes.

I Am Love is the first ever kids’ yoga app to be developed for Apple products. It is an app empowering children to connect to technology in a healthy and holistic way, by creatively teaching them yoga poses and positions. The illustrations are calm and soothing, and the story style app makes stretching and breathing both fun and creative. 

Even though yoga was new for us, my kids loved interacting with the book, and I loved their calm demeanor afterwards! Tech4Moms definitely gives this app an A. Great job Kids Yoga Journey!

The next app I reviewed for Kids Yoga Journey was their brand new app called I Am Energy. Priced at $1.99, this app is an illustrated game for kids on the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone.

I Am Energy is full of interactive shapes and animals. My kids really enjoyed playing with the touch features, however I must say their attention span just did not last as long as I had hoped with this application. Also, I found the illustrations to not be as pleasing as the first book developed. 

Overall, the purpose of this book seems confusing to me. With I Am Love, I was able to see direction and an educational purpose.  My kids did however enjoy the overall app and our review panel is awarding Kids Yoga Journey a B for this application.

Great job Kids Yoga Journey! I look forward to future application teaching kids more about the benefits of yoga and movement. To learn more about Kids Yoga Journey go here.

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