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Remember the first time you went to Gap Kids or Old Navy and bought clothes for your kids?  And remember how you were so pleased with the price and quality you just kept going back and back again? Well FingerPrint is the Gap of apps. I promise you are going to want to keep going back for more.

I love FingerPrint! And before I even get into the two apps I reviewed, did you know they are currently giving away $1,000,000 worth of apps? You can download, totally for free, four different fabulous apps for kids. Go here to check it out. 

Find out what's ailing your pet!

The two apps that FingerPrint asked me to review are Big Kid Life Veterinarian, and Big Kid Life Fairy Princess. Since my six year old daughter is obsessed with both animals and fairies, it proved to be the perfect app for her to help me review. 

Help your pets feel better.

The Big Kid Life series is all about role-playing. These awesome apps teach new skills and help little kids discover fun things about growing big and helping others. The first app we tried was Big Kid Life Veterinarian. This app is all about caring for animals while teaching shapes, letters, numbers, geometry, and phonics.

My daughter just loved this game. She loved the many touch and seek levels, and really enjoyed taking care of all the animals. This app is recommended for ages 3-6, and at the age of 6 1/2 I was thrilled with how entertained and captivated she was with this application.

The other app we tried out was Big Kid Life Fairy Princess.

Earn Rewards for Playing!!!!

Perfect for kids age 4-7, this app has multiple story telling levels filled with fun activities. As kids play through 15 different adventures, they create their own story while practicing comprehension. My daughter loved playing with this game as well. She also enjoyed the illustrations and music that accompanied the app.

Let sleeping trolls lie.

My favorite part of both of the apps was the new Mom-Comm technology. Developed just for FingerPrint apps, I can communicate with my kids through the applications. 

Monitor your progress with your parents.

Each FingerPrint game comes with the one-of-a-kind in-app Mom-Comm that allows parents to stay engaged in their kids’ experience. Basically, you and your child can send each other messages about what they have learned, photos of their progress, and your child can also recommend to you what other apps they may be interested in trying. I love that FingerPrint recognizes I can’t always sit down and watch my kids play every minute. This allows me to closely monitor what my child is learning. What a fabulous idea!

Tech4Moms give FingerPrint an A for these awesome new apps for kids. 

To learn more about FingerPrint go here, and don’t forget to try out one of their free apps here.

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