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I was having a discussion the other day with my Mother, who started talking to me about a toolbar within Internet Explorer.  I told her this extra toolbar wasn’t necessary since all you have to do is “click the little button” and the website you want to revisit will be saved up on the toolbar already.  The problem I have had in the past is assuming everybody already knows certain things.  I hesitated to put the taskbar tip in my post about fixing things children do to your computer, since I thought to myself, “oh everybody knows that”.  The thing is… “everybody DOESN’T know that”, so I’m going back to the drawing board to dig out all of the things that I automatically assume that everyone knows, that make my life much easier and fun!

First up is the “little button” I was telling my mother about.  Sometimes when I temporarily want to remember a website, or have super easy access to certain websites (you can see my main blogs’ admin areas are what I have front and center on my Internet Explorer favorites bar.  If you are looking at a website and you want to come back to that website often (or just to remember that article, which Evernote is a great way to remember the article too), then all you do is click the little yellow star with the green arrow.  The site that you are currently looking at will be added to the toolbar.  Just like that.  It’s a super simple way to always have the sites you visit most… such as!

My Mother also mentioned on another post of mine, that her toolbar in Internet Explorer had disappeared.  I have seen this happen A LOT!  Sometimes it’s the address bar, sometimes it’s the search, but whatever it is, it’s missing and you can’t find it.  To fix this, you right click on the blank space near the close/minimize/maximize buttons.  it will drop down a menu and you can see which toolbars are checked to show, and which aren’t.  Find the toolbar you are missing and click on it to make it checked.  Viola!  Toolbar has been restored!

Last but most certainly not least is one of my favorite new features of Internet Explorer 9.  If you have a certain website that you visit more than frequently…Facebook, I’m looking at you!  Then when you are on that website you can click the “tab” at the top of the Internet Explorer window that says “Facebook” and drag it to your Taskbar.  The facebook icon will appear in your Taskbar.  Now you have super fast access to the few websites that you use the most.  You simply click the Facebook icon on your Taskbar and Facebook opens up.

You can still view your list of favorites by click the white star at the top right of the Internet Explorer window, located next to the Home button, which will open the web page you have set as your “home” up.  I keep sites I want to remember, but don’t visit frequently in my favorites.  Sites that I visit frequently, like my bank, my to do list, my blog dashboards, I keep in the IE toolbar, and sites that I visit more than frequently (try constantly) I keep in the Taskbar.

Now go forth and organize your favorites!

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