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Turning off Facebook Email Notifications

As a member of some popular groups on Facebook, my inbox started getting flooded!  My inbox is already flooded with PR pitches, random newsletters from sweepstakes I’ve entered, and Paypal’s constant hounding of me to tell me about every single transaction on dhpnow.com.  I don’t need Facebook telling me everything else on my email.  I already have email notifications turned off from when people post on my wall, but I do get emails when they send me a message.  I also don’t get emails when people reply to a comment or a status update.  Thank goodness for that!

So when I see my inbox starting to fill up from a group I recently joined I immediately go to that group’s page and click the “Edit Settings” at the top of the page.  Once you are in there, select “Only posts I’m subscribed to” and that will stop the flood!

Now that you have some nice free inbox space, you may be inclined to turn off even MORE Facebook notifications!  To accomplish this, go to “Account” at the top right of the screen, click and then select “Account Settings”.  You will find a tab in here called Notifications.  Get on in there and start unchecking!  Trust me, your inbox (and perhaps even your mail host) will thank you.  🙂

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